Saturday, November 24, 2012

god has dandruff...

It snowed all day and most of the night.
Fortunately, it didn't stick.

Carol had her last full chemo treatment Tuesday.
She was nauseous most of Thursday night.
Plus, she has a bruise under her left eye and several of
her fingernails are bruised.
In three weeks she gets herceptin (one of the three chemo
drugs from the second mix) by itself, and will continue to
take it intravenously every three weeks from now on.
It is the drug they hope will prevent the cancer from returning.
Next Wednesday she'll have an MRI so the surgeon can
see exactly where the cancer remains.
She has a consult with the surgeon Dec. 4 and I am assuming
they'll tell her then when she'll have surgery.

I gave all of Sparky's food and treats to one of the neighbors.
Well, almost all. I kept one bacon treat and one Pupperoni.
You know, in case he comes back.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Two intertwined stories of hope!

LL said...

I'm still so sorry, Jean. For everything :-(

the walking man said...

Good post, you started off with the shit, got through the new routine (good health to sister by the by) and ended with love. what more could someone ask from a post except the shit part could be high temps like 90's.

Doom said...

I bet that white stuff has to be, almost, novel to you or at least your sensibilities? I'm still glad you are finally home, whatever that might mean. After being with my brother after 18 years of being apart, I know how difficult that can be. Still, uhrm, that's family, and she does need you.

I've been keeping you in my prayers. My doings have kept me rather snowed in, in a different way though.

Jean said...

Doom, you probably missed the post about having to put Sparky down.
I'm still reeling over that.

More snow last night. Melted by mid-morning. I think it is called a "dusting". This, so far, light winter is a good way to get broken in. When the snow does show up I catch myself staring like a child. heh.

Froth said...

Jean, I'm sorry about Sparky. Also, prayers for your sis. I've been gone for a bit, but appreciate your visit to me!!!

Hugs and vibes.

Doom said...

No, Jean, I saw that Sparky had died. I just haven't been able to... say anything. He's such a fine looking fellow too, a gent. I have to think tears here add pillows and chew or squeaky toys in their reward though. Maybe even squirrels to chase!

foam said...

That's good news for your sister, I hope. And Sparky lives on in your heart.