Saturday, December 15, 2012

Safe where?...

My sister's surgery is scheduled for January 3.
I asked the surgeon how long she'd be in the hospital
and she answered, "Oh, we'll send her home the next day.
We prefer to get the patients out of the hospital ASAP
to reduce the risk of infection."
I asked, "Infection from the hospital?" and she nodded yes.
How sad is that? Hospitals used to be safe places to recover.
They'll be sending her home with drain tubes and bags to
monitor, and possibly skin grafts to keep clean.
One of her friends has a daughter who is an RN at a local
hospital and she offered to stop by the house to make sure 
I'm doing things right. Thank goodness.

Most of yesterday was spent watching the reports of the
horror in Newtown, Connecticut.
Nowhere is safe.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Troubled times.

Many thoughts, from afar.

Doom said...

That has to be the most intense of things, to have to do that sort of intensive care by yourself on family. It isn't even a matter of being up to the task. Oh, you'll do fine. I know you will do your best. But I don't envy you. Just keep your wits, do what you are shown, perhaps look things up, and if you really don't know or things go a little bad, call.

As for hospitals? Yeah, I had a post-doc nurse type fill me in on one of our local hospitals, actually both were becoming... problematic. But they also don't like keeping patients for other reasons. Most of them just as unhappy. Shorter is sweeter, mostly.

As for the world? These things occur at a regular rate here, even in gun-free England (more so there, if usually in smaller numbers, if too their rate is skyrocketing). I don't attend the news anymore, so know very little about the event and plan to keep it that way. I have enough to worry about with the things I can do something about.

Jean said...

Thank you, J Cosmo.
Feels like no escape.

Doom, the surgeon said the nurses will give me a crash course on the care she'll need. I imagine that will be all of 5 minutes.

I sometimes wish my sister didn't have cable.

Anonymous said...

Jean, both you and Carol will do your best, so you'll both be fine. Think positive. And don't let the nurses go until you understand what you need to do. If you're anything like me, take notes. Thank God for the friend's daughter. What a blessing!

You and Carol remain in my prayers.


Jean said...

Thank you, Bonnie.
If I don't get back to the blog before the holidays... may your Christmas be merry!

Boxer said...

they are right - hosptitals are full of super strong germs. Get in and get out! Wishing you a peaceful Holiday Jean and a New Year full of happiness and good health for everyone in your family.

Jean said...

Thank you, dear Boxer.
Same loving wishes to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Celebrate a wonderful Christmas. Jean, I wish you and your family abundant joy and peace and good health to allow you to realize a blessed 2013.