Sunday, November 18, 2012

whatta sucky sucky mood I are in...

I deleted my FB page eons ago because it became
the highway for friggin' spammers to find my email
and blog comments. 
Now LinkedIn has turned into a sewage spewer, too.
Enufffffff. That account is gone as of two days ago and
the spamage has already been reduced to tolerable.
Ha! Take that you slimeball scum-magnet societies. Yeah.
There are no USB cords for my camera on this planet.

My sister's platelet count was too low to do her last full
chemo treatment. They'll check it again in a week.

I am not meant to be a roommate.

I still mourn Sparky every day.
I have his leash and blanket and dog food and bacon treats.
Most of it will be donated, eventually.
I really wish I could hug everyone who left comments of
condolence and comfort. It helps. I re-read them almost
every day. Thank you, sweet people.

Today should be better for a while. We three sisters are
having a small birthday celebration for our youngest brother.
Youngest. He's 48 today. Wow.
We're such party-ers... fried chicken and jo-jo's, brownies
and ice cream while we watch the Browns.  I think I have
a few beers in the fridge. No doubt the windows will crack.
I wish baseball was a year round sport.

Sunshine and temps in the 50s through Thanksgiving weekend
is the forecast. Maybe I'll buy a cheap camera and go to the zoo.

Hope your weekend is what you want ♥


Joe said...

"I wish baseball was a year round sport". me too, but then there would never be a "next year" for loser Cubs fans like me. If the Cubs can lose over 100 games in the course of a summer, what could the ydo in the course of a year?

I type this while drinking my coffee from a Cubs coffee mug.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Have you considered picking up another pooch -- not as a replacement for ol' Sparky, but you have plenty of love to give and there are plenty of pets needing a home...

Jean said...

Joe, we must be related somewhere.
My team is the Indians. (I need to get a mug!)

Yeah, Sparky could never be 'replaced' but in my head/heart, I would feel... disloyal, unfaithful.
Which means it's too soon. Plus, Carol still has major surgery and intense radiation treatments coming in the near future. I think the 'unknown' of a new critter would add to the stress. Sparky was too perfect.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Nice to hear from you, even in sucky moods!

Ditto on the baseball.

Anonymous said...

I understand your wanting to wait to get a pet. I waited 5 yrs after having my Aussie put down. After caring for by brother after his heart surgery and spending time with his Boxer, Gracie, I knew it was time to get another dog. When I saw Molly on Petfinder website, I had to rescue her. She is sooo sweet. Wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. You'll know when it's time.

If I don't comment again this week, Happy Thanksgiving, Jean.


Jean said...

Joan, sucky moods just come with life, don't they?

Today turned out to be a very nice day. Brother's birthday celebration was much fun.

Bonnie, that makes sense. I didn't think I wanted another dog when Sparky turned up and changed my mind. It will happen when it's supposed to.
Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, dear Bonnie.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

My weekend was pretty good and largely spam free. Perhaps I repel it...?

the walking man said...

It's OK to be in a suck ass mood. Mine will go on from about now until the end of February.

Man they got to get those platelets up so she can finish taking the poison and get better.

Jean said...

JCN, it's probably afraid of you.

Mark, they said all we can do is wait and hope they build up on their own. We're going in Tuesday (today) to get her blood checked again and hopefully the last of the chemo treatment.

og said...

Let me tell you something I learned from someone far wiser than me.

You arrive at some point in your life, some times, when you think you're empty, when you think you have been emptied of all the love and emotion you had to offer anyone. When the world has taken from you all the things you find valuable and worth keeping.

A time when you think, there is no room in your heart for anyone or anything else, because it has broken so badly.

Someone or something will come along and change that, despite the utterest despair.A man with an easy laugh and a crooked grin that is infectious, or a fist size bundle of fur that sits in your lap and pees on you and then prances in circles and licks your face. Because when you need it most, your heart grows.

God bless you and keep you.