Saturday, November 03, 2012

OK, that was weird...

This morning, as I took Sparky out for his usual ritual,
there was stuff falling from the sky. White, globby stuff
while it was in mid-air but looking like normal raindrops
by the time it reached me, my raincoat and Sparky. WTF?

It is officially the end of the world as I knew it.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Possibly. :-O

Joe said...

welcome to weather outside of Florida! Just wait until real winter sets in.

Jean said...

JCN, I think it might have been a preview of "the icing on the cake".

"Real winter" Joe? 'scuse me while I go cry.

Anonymous said...

Get use to it quickly, Jean.


boneman said...

no no. Don't cry. Call it "heavy frost"...also known as white death.
You'll note that as time starts passing, Sparks will be getting happier and happier (I'm sorry honey. Marcie was an idiot. Dogs LOVE the cooler temps) and that's because there will be less leas and other mini-critters bothering him. Menards had some men's britches for $20, and they were lined with flannel.
Just as good would be loose fitting pants and sweat pants underneath.
There's coveralls that would make you think Spring is around the corner in a month or so, and that's from January.

Lacey said...

Giggling here.

Love that this post is all about that nasty, four-letter S-word, but you didn't even use it.

(Cuz, You Know Who would hear it for sure if you did, and then . . . [shudder].)

Jean said...

Bonnie, now they're saying temps in the upper 50s by the weekend. sheesh.

Berry, fortunately Sparky has never had fleas. Something is wrong, though. Waiting on Ann to call to recommend a vet.

Lacey, yeah, I'm avoiding saying it out loud.