Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What did you call me?...

What is it with young people working in customer
service jobs?

Since when do teens and twenty-somethings call a
customer "Sweetheart", "Darling", "Honey", "Gorgeous"?
What happened to Ma'am and Sir?

If they're trying to flatter some old broad in the hopes
of getting a bigger tip or they think they are so hot
(granted, some are) that I'm going to have steamy
fantasies that will make my day and bring me back for
more... just get over yourselves, kids.

Do they say those things to their mothers and grandmothers?
I'm thinking not.

I consider it out of line, impolite and almost rude.

Geez. Cranky much?


boneman said...

uh, could I...uh...
How may I serve you, mam?

Jean said...

You are not a youngun, dear.
These kids are ridiculous.

Cactus Mark said...

If you're younger than me, I would prefer you just shut the hell up and bring me another beer like I told you too 5 minutes ago.

I have notice lately that us older types in my hometown call each other sweets, darlin', and love. I do it too. But that only extends to certain people of a certain age. Am I right, Jeanie-Doll?

Jean said...

You are exactly right, Mark dear.

kdzu said...

I had a passerby refer to me as 'Pops" down at the Augusta VA today.
It almost ruffled my feathers until I noticed that he, while only perhaps a couple years my junior, had apparently lead a much harder life and was taking solace in much needed aroma (smelled like burning weeds) therapy.

♫NWM♫ said...

Sweetheart... I know exactly how you feel... Darling it drives me crazy when some guy calls me Honey...

But I draw the line at Gorgeous...

(snort, snort)


Grumpyunk said...

Must be just you, Jean. Seems like more and more people of all ages are calling me, Asshole.

Rae Rae said...

You go Girl.

More and more manners seem to be disappearing all the time. It's sad.

Jean said...

Larry, I've heard that burning weed(s) loosens inhibitions somewhat.

NWM...gorgeous, huh? Maybe lookin' for a pinch on the ass.

Now Unk...those people are just wrong!

Rae Rae, it's just so unexpected from the little shits.