Monday, May 09, 2011

Eye of the beholder...

you are not old
who still sees
in a smile
older than yours
or a tree that casts
no shade or
a home with peeling paint
or a lone flower in a weedy bed,
in a threadbare quilt of patches,
a day whose only music
is a birdsong or
someone humming
in the kitchen.


kdzu said...

Then I am never gonna grow old ......or up if the truth be told.

Doom said...

Yeah! I'm a beholder! Or an eye?

I see all the ages of a woman I view, oddly. I look at a humans whole life, from child to aged and all between, sometimes strangely all at once sometimes in a mini-mind-flick of child to crone, then what stands before me, regardless of current age. By the way, they fib in all those ages, man and woman (if women are better at it imho). :p

Rae Rae said...


Jean said...

One of the things I like about you, Larry.

That's an interesting viewpoint, doom. I like it.

Thank you, Rae Rae.

♫NWM♫ said...

Sometimes I am blind to what beauty really is... then I see a new born chick, all fluffy and walking like a drunkard, looking for momma hen... and it all pulls into perspective...

Jean said...

Most of us need reminders.

Where the hell have you been??!?

foam said...

oh goody! i'm not old then!!
nicely written, btw.

♫NWM♫ said...

Been trying to gain focus... seems focus is hard to gain these days...

Jean said...

Foamy, you will never be old. A young soul forever.

NWM, you've been missed.