Sunday, September 26, 2010

heads up...

the day
is running away
so much more to say
mixed with
more to do.
we say it never ends
but it does.


Doom said...

You would almost think, at our age, we would know this by now. Weren't we, when we turned 18, or was it 21, supposed to be given the book of all knowledge? What ever happened to that?

Is work inspiring your muse or are you just tickled pink, blue, or green just because? Have a good day tomorrow.

Fred said...

Love this.

You're really good at reminding. And these reminders are important.


the walking man said...

Then comes the fifteen hour sleep ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Jean said...

Yeah, Doom, I'm still waiting on my copy of that book. Must be lost in the mail.
Working again does seem to have freed up the muse somewhat. And, it was a pretty good day even for a Monday.

Freddie- Pondering Post-it Notes!

Mark- that's one helluva nap.

boneman said...

I beg to differ...

(please, oh please!)

it never ends.
We just settle into a new energy form.
And move along...move along.

But, getting around someone like THERE'S some good energy, gal.

Jean said...

Ha! ♥

Susie Hemingway said...

Never never enough time! It seems to me the older you get, the shorter the time. I keep putting off things for tomorroow but I am fast running out of tomorrows. Oh well! it's nice to be 'a pondering'and not a matter of 'make hay while the sunshines' It's not stopped raining here for four days,there is nothing I can do in the garden and we shall be afloat shortly at this rate! Keep Well.

Jean said...

Susie, apparently the ride downhill goes faster than the climb up.
I hope the rain has been replaced with sunshine and warm breezes by now.

Gina said...

I must break away from the internet, i am thinking and then, while looking for a pic for compliment my poem, come upon your find these fitting thoughts. Have a great day.

lilith said...

so much to do ..
not enough clock..
you are so right!

Michael Morse said...

Just because you got a job doesn't mean you can quit posting. So lets go! :)

Freddie said...

Just checkin' in on ya, GF.

(Plus, I could use a li'l poetry fix, if you find it in ya soon).

Hope things are going well! :)