Sunday, September 19, 2010


What is going on with blogger this weekend?

Been trying to post pics here and on the
sidebar and after waiting for half an hour
they will not load. Sheesh!

This makes Jean grouchy.


Anonymous said...

This also makes Jean refer to herself in third person ;)


Jean said...

Jean has her weird moments.
Jean spends much time tottering on the edge.

kdzu said...

Don't we all, dear lady? Don't we all?

Brent Greer said...

Life on the edge. Doesn't that keep live worth living? Make it all seem far more interesting than humdrum???

Hello stranger....

the walking man said...

TWM is fifth person...leaving a comment.

Doom said...

Blogger does that sometimes. I am never sure if it is from hacking, technical problems, the government, or because machines are actually somewhat sentient, hate people in general, and pick on random numbers of us. Hey, if you are going to be paranoid, cover all the bases. Besides, if I am paranoid today, we need someone "on the edge too". Thanks for picking up the slack:) Rotation soon, maybe even tomorrow?

Has it worked for you since your last attempt? Sometimes I have had to wait a day or two to get it to upload (or download, refresh, reset, or whatever).

Jean said...

Doom, I just added a new post tonight with photo and it worked fine. It was an irritating glitch while it lasted.

Jean said...

Mark, only you could finagle into a fifth person. :-)

Brent, nice to see you again!
Too much life on the edge makes me want to hide.

Larry, certainly many of us. But, we keep hanging on.

Anonymous said...

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