Monday, September 20, 2010

Paws for Patriots...

One of my favorite blog reads is Boudicca's Voice.

Tonight she linked to Southeastern Guide Dogs
here in Florida.
They have a program that provides seeing eye/guide dogs
to our Veterans who have suffered service related vision loss.
Seems our government does not provide that for our
veterans. The program is Paws for Patriots.
This program, as all their programs, is completely free to
those in need. They are completely funded by donations
and volunteers.

Check the video at Bou's blog, then see if you might help
this supremely worthwhile organization in some way.


Bou said...

I'm in a group called Southern Dames. It's a National Organization, all of us of Southern heritage. We've always supported Southeastern Guide dogs, had people come speak, we make donations, but I had never heard of Paws for Patriots until another organization I'm in took them up as a cause for donations. I think we're looking to raise 200K for them.

What a fantastic organization. They brought some of their dogs with them while LtC Champion spoke. They were all puppies and I think every one of us fell in love. I think it was the first time some of these 'puppies' had been in a room full of 300 women having lunch, so it was a good experience for them. They were SO well behaved.

We left all having fallen in love...

boneman said...

really good to see the civilian response to the needs of the injured soldiers.
As I mentioned, it's only been recently that they started recognizing that those troops who landed in Hiroshima within a week of the bomb may have radiation poisoning.
Heck, they still don't recognize agent orange soldiers.
The VA is so slow...
love ya.

Jean said...

Bou, you are awesome.

Berry, love you, too.

Boxer said...

Jean and Boney are too cute for words.

What a great .Org and how nice of you to promote it.

Susie Hemingway said...

How sweet is this little lab and just ready to go! - one of my charites here in UK is the training of these simply marvellous dogs as guide dogs for the blind but how surprised I am to read that your government does not supply this service for your Veterans. Are we going backwards somewhere? All good wishes to you x

Jean said...

Boxer, I was amazed at how many organizations like this one are in our country. But, that is a good thing. They are needed.

(I am a very lucky girl.)

Susie, I was shocked to find out the lack of care for our vets in that area. We expect so much and give back way too little. Our govt should be ashamed.
I am not at all surprised that you are involved with another wonderful cause. Your heart is boundless, sweet lady.