Sunday, October 24, 2010

numb and numb-er...

ain't nuthin' wrong, zactly,
but what I've got in my head
refuses to come together
as anything resembling sense.

my humor is on vacay,
what wisdom might have been here
got buried by the black dog of depression

damn that dog.

rhyme and reason
has been the fuel
for this fool
through many days and seasons.

no more, it seems.
for now, at least.


The weather could not be more perfect and I still have
the job, although it remains part-time.
So, that tells me they are not as busy as they need to be
to give me (and the one other part-timer) six more hours
a week and health insurance.
Although, I've heard that the insurance is so expensive
as to make invisible the raise after ninety days and the
additional hours. Whoopee.
They shut down for the week of Thanksgiving and
two weeks for Christmas which is not a paid benefit
for the part-time employee. Three weeks of zero money.
However, I knew that as a possibility from the get-go,
so I have prepared for it through the wonders of budgeting.
Part-time is still better than no time.

I will survive.

Still... I miss my own poetry.

I'm still reading your blogs but not commenting as much.
Will try to fix that, too.


boneman said...

baby baby, keeping the hard face
in the wind, see
or where ever the strange new place.
God I miss your laughter in my ear
and wish I could be there to dry any new tear.

But, can't, because just like you
seems the world always has something else to do...
But a good day is coming, hopefully sooner than later.
See you in a while, Crocodile.
Love ya, yours till later, the Gator.

Susie Hemingway said...

Just to say I'm thinking of you too and hoping you are a chasing that old 'black dog' away. Glad to read the weather is better, you had a long hot time of it. It's really chilly here now and time for heating and extra rugs, just praying it won't be a winter like last year.
Keep smiling.x

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Hang in there!

the walking man said...

Part time is the new American workforce reality. Why pay you 8 hours when they can get the same amount of labor from you in four or two of you working four with no benefits to pay.

This is the Republican dream of Reaganism come to fruition.

Jean said...

Berry, I will laugh again ♥

Susie, bless you for taking time out for me when you have so much going on around you.

JCN, you betcha!

Mark, I wish they would have started the part-time crap with the younger generation.

Anonymous said...

... hang in there, sister.......

Froth said...

Tell that black dog to go fetch a chew toy in the street... he isn't a good dog.

You will prevail. Hugs and kickass kisses.

Doom said...

We seem to share being in the doldrums of life. But I do not lose my sense of humor. I really seek some thing to laugh about as often as I can. I have a trick that might help. If you can't laugh at yourself, pick someone else. They are out there. Lord knows they are out there. And it is not a sin if it is honest. *poke* *poke*

Blaez said...

thinkin of you always!