Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Table for one...

Liars in love fool
no one but themselves. Left to
wonder what went wrong.

Superficial talk
no more, no less. It isn't
me, it's you. Really.

Uncommon sides make
genius dance insanity.
Waltzing with nightmares.


kdzu said...


I've lately been doing the two step with nightmares....fortunately by the time I wake up I've forgotten them.

Lies have to be remembered and repeated and it gets confusing to my brain.

Bob R Cat and Maxwell T. Dog said...

dancing with nightmares?
Talk about a thing that scares.
But even worse than creaking on the stairs?
Is when one finds that nobody cares.

For when one is alone, the fabric of life easily tears.

(We've taken over the blog from boneman. The lazy pimple!
And we've added pictures of animals, and better comedians, to make it simple!)

Jean said...

I have a problem with couples with separate agendas who can't figure out why they're not happy together.
Alas, this is a very simplified explanation, but, there it is.

Bob and Max, I'll be over.