Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's a package deal...

...a mixed bag.

Life ain't always pretty.

I ain't always pretty. (yeah, surprise, right?)

24/7 doom and gloom, wail and whine.


Tough times can be worked through. Alone or together.
Don't wait to be rescued. Save yourself. Do your job.
The job of living, not just surviving.

Whatever is beautiful, good, worthwhile... will be missed
and possibly lost if we don't look for it. Make the effort.

Not saying wrongs should be ignored. Or excused.
Work with it, fix it or make something better.
You can. We can. I can.

Time wasted. Time lost.
How much time do we have here?
Hold an ice chip between your fingers as it melts away.
That is how a day disappears when we wallow in the yuck.

We create our own balance. A constant juggling act.
Dodging, deflecting... and reaching.
Searching, wondering, finding.

Somedays, the only gratitude found is for still breathing.
It's a start.

Who am I talking to? Myself, just myself.


boneman said...

....you're talking to me, too.

I'll go paint....

Anonymous said...

I'll gust say, "hello".

Jean said...

Berry, why 'sorry'?
You are always making an effort.

Mark, thanks, dear.

boneman said...

well, today I painted some pretty kindling.
Does that count?
How about I came up with a poem....

I brought the sick dog, left home the black square.
She was starting to complain I din't take her anywhere.

Jean said...

aw. Much nicer than the black box.

kdzu said...

We can fool everyone else....and even ourselves, sometimes...but never for always......it remains behind our eyes, tearing to get out.

tammi said...

You may be talking to yourself but that's something we all need to hear.

You're right. And sometimes we just need to remind ourselves....

Enigma said...

Nicely said.....