Monday, March 16, 2009


a night
and then a day.
sweet time
savored full.
thank you wanderlust.


Anonymous said...

Ah, wanderlust... Always at my side.

boneman said...

you are the lucky one, to be sure.
Even as this cold is getting a bit much to endure.
You wander to the sea,
(perhaps thinking of me?
More than likely trying to think of a cure.

Jean said...

It's always a nice break to visit the ocean. Very soothing and seems like a very different world than my back yard.

I.Vadinoff said...

Glad you took a walk on the wild side.

Jean said...

'twas lovely :-D

Joshua Peterson said...

bring peace
when your mind
is cluttered with

Jean said...

J.P. - indeed they do.
Another poet. Welcome!