Wednesday, May 02, 2007


No strength for
the effort.
No desire for
the dream.
Barely floating.
No wave.
No ripple.
Sink away.
Hope works no more.


kdzu said...

Kick already, the surface is closer than you think. Come onnnn you can do it. Just reach out your hand and grab onto mine. Seriously, when it's that dark, you have to consciously follow the light. Not easy, but is good.

Nea said...

Sounds like someone's drowning.......? Hope it isn't you.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

That poem is beautiful in a depressing sort of way.

Jean is everything ok?

Jean said...

eh, just another speedbump that put me in a 'mood' and this is what my brain produced. I'm ok, but thanks for being concerned.

k said...

I feel for you.

But somehow, I don't...worry about you like I used to when I read a post like this.

I wasn't sure before, but now I generally feel like you'll always be okay.

Erica said...

Sounds like Velociman's latest post.

Jean said...

I have in-person friends who refuse to read my stuff any more becaues they insist I should make myself write happy things.
What you see here is part of me... only part... fortunately, it is not all.
I think it is good to be aware of every part of ourselves and it helps me to express it in writing. I cannot deny or suppress what I feel without risking a meltdown.
Putting it in writing helps me deal.

And, please know that I sometimes hesitate before I post because so many react with concern for me. I do not wish to make people worry.
But, I have to write honestly what is in me.

Your comments continue to remind me that there is love among us.

Mark said...

You're taking life too seriously again...

Jean said...

Mark - might be a good time to finally do the 5 questions Dave sent me, eh?

boneman said...

even the LFW was scared, but she thought y'all were on a "one way" trip.

On the other hand...yeah.
How would anyone be able to recognize the darkness at all if they had not been introduced to it?
If it's sadness you feel, write, girl! Write!
Let the critics drop off on the side of the road as they will.

Jean said...

Thanks, Berry.

Nea said...

Don't ya just love people that only want to read HAPPY...what the heck kind of life do they think we have here in the real world. Personally, I haven't much use for Pollyanna's myself....I like people who can spit shit if they have it in their mouth.

Jean said...

Nea - "spit shit"...ha... damn, I like that!! And, yeah, my tolerance for Pollyannas is limited.