Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Slice of Life...

Please, take a few minutes and go to Lee's blog.
He has begun training so he can run a 26 mile
marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
This is close to his heart... and he needs donors.

Read his other posts, too. He's one of the good guys.

Update: I am re-posting this for those who may have missed
it the first time.

(Part 5 should be ready soon...)


Lee said...

Thanks for the nod, Jean, I really appreciate it. However the second link is dead. Should be:


Jean said...

aw...dagnabbit! Sorry, Lee. It will be corrected.

k said...

Jean, my longtime friend and former PO co-worker, John P. McCann, just did his Team in Training marathons too.

He's a remarkable guy. The one I wrote my Veteran's Day post about.

I'm sending him this link, too.

Jean said...

k - I remember that post. Thank you so much!

k said...

Oh, you're very welcome! topic here - were you able to follow up on that bit over at LL's about the guy at work and the snake in the box?

I know our little fantasy sounded mean. But the thing was, he's a really nasty character, full of harrassment no one can report because they'd get fired.

I was just trying to pump Wendy up to dream up funny, creative, harmless ways to get the guy to back off. She and a co-worker finally did, in a way that made the guy have to take back 4 months of his own work he was trying to dump on others.

In reality, no snakes were involved. No bad guys or innocent garter snakes were actually harmed in the making of this dream scheme.

I hate mean, too. This plan was strictly self-defense, to thwart long-standing and countinuous attacks on several female employees by a true creep.

Jean said...

k - I need to go catch up on that!

k said...

LL posts so much, so fast, so consistently - and I am so very slow! - that I find myself contemplating something she wrote, settling upon my own thoughts on it a couple days later, then looking frantically around for where I left off last!

as in:

where is it where is it?

page down page down page down


page down page down page down

crap I almost missed it was that it? no no but it was around there somewhere tho I'm sure of it

page down page down page down THERE IT IS!!! aHA!!!

By which time, of course, everyone's already like 25 posts ahead of me anyway.


Ah, youth.