Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hot Fudge Sundae...

...that's what I wanted for a late lunch. From McD's.
I stuck a book in my purse, so I could read
in the car while I ate.

It had rained earlier and I didn't notice. Oblivious blonde.
What I did notice all day was the smell of smoke from the
brush fires around the area. Yesterday, the air here was clear.
Today, the smoke is heavy... eye-burning, throat-scratching.

Memories of the fires in 1998 made me cringe.
I'd rather go through a hurricane than re-live that summer.

As I drove north, the smoke got thicker. I heard thunder.
More rain would be a blessing, unless it was accompanied
by lightning. Lightning could start more fires.

Heading for the drive-thru, the dark clouds hung low north
and west. I found a parking space at the edge of the lot.

The thunder sounded closer, louder. Lightning was more frequent.
The wind picked up, blowing big raindrops at hard angles.
The clouds were almost black now... and lower. Swirling.
I wondered if I was seeing only storm clouds or if this was
also heavy smoke from the fires. The fires aren't that far away.
Probably no more than five miles in either direction.

The wind got stronger. And then I thought tornado. Damn.
I started the car and headed towards home. Now I'm hearing
emergency vehicle sirens. It's raining harder, wind is stronger.

About a mile from home, the sky is clearer and the rain is slower.
How could there be such a difference in such a short distance?
Because it's Florida.

Still raining as I park in front of my house, a neighbor waves
from his garage. I have one more thought as I walk up my
I really should buy an umbrella. Again.


boneman said...

Some folks poke fun at me fer m'umbrella, but, no more!
I lost it a while back.

Now I have a new hat.
It's a Stiltskin Hat.

And, is somewhat rumpled.
(and that would make it a ......)

Stay out'a the weather, gal!

Jean said...

Berry - a Rumplestiltskin hat... only you, Berry... only you...:)
I've lost more umbrellas than I care to remember.

og said...

Or empty out that garage.

Jean said...

Og - bite me... I'm working on it!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Mine tend to wander off, too. I'm here lady, just kind of hunkered down and thinking.

kdzu said...

Now what are the chances? I read this just after finishing home cooked brownies with walnuts topped with Mayfield vanilla ice cream covered with hot fudge right out of the microwave. Hope you had time to finish your hot fudge sundae. Send some of the rain our way. We can use it.

Jean said...

Val - I know... it's ok, gal.

Larry - man oh man, that sounds good!...and, yes, I finished my sundae. Our water level here is 25 inches below normal...yuck.

Hammer said...

Brush fires are scary. I drove through one in oklahoma, I would be nervous about it too.

Jean said...

Hammer - they're all too common here... pray for rain!

Scott from Oregon said...

Seems like Florida is getting drier and drier. I don't remember them in the seventies, much...

Try not to suck up too much smoke. It makes people sick, you know...

Jean said...

Scott - It definitely is getting drier. I was here in the seventies and it was nowhere near this bad. We've been in a drought and on water restrictions for more than ten years.
The smoke is killing my sinuses.