Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Do as I say, not as I do...

Don't live your life alone.
Don't live your life without loving and being loved.
Find someone who is worthy of you. Treasure each other.

Some day, it will be too late, because you will have been
alone too long. You will know when that happens.

It will be the day you walk in your house and it is empty
and cold because no one is there wanting you to come home.
Then, you'll look out the window and know that there is no one
wanting to come home to you.

That's when you'll cry.

That's when your heart will close.
It may never open again.

That will be a shame.


kdzu said...

We know your heart isn't closed.
'Cause you open it to so many of us. And I'm glad you let me in for a peek now and again.

Corby said...

This house is full of all of us though, waiting to greet you.


Jean said...

You both touch my heart... so sweet.

Sparrow said...

You're talking about the death of hope -- and sometimes it hurts too much to hope, I've been there more than I care to admit. And care must be taken to avoid self-pity; that's a deep well that's difficult to climb out of.

If we can't find the love of our lives, we can find friends for life. Sometimes that has to be enough, and sometimes it's better than the best.

Antonia said...

i know.

Mark said...

Paragraph three is a good definition of marriage if you ask me.

Not that I'm bitter.

Snog Dot said...

All I have waiting for me are my two boys and I think that's just fine, for now....but not forever.

Nea said...

giving this one some deep thought. My Mom has lived alone, totally alone for the last 40 years. And she likes it that way, when she has company, she can hardly wait for them to leave. So likes being alone, and if someone asks her if she is lonesome, she says, Why, I like my own company. And I am kind of the same way......people are very different. Some just don't need companionship. But truthfully, I loved my dog more than any husband I ever had. And I have been married three times.....

Sparrow said...

Ooooh, I do love coming home to my dogs. But like snog dot, I'd like to try to find someone that I like coming home to better than my dogs. A challenge, I know...

Rantin' Ron said...

I think I'm in the unique position to KNOW without a doubt what loneliness is all about. I also know that I have been incredibly blessed to have experienced what true love and satifaction is. I pray to God that you find true love and satisfaction because it's a fact that you have experienced more than your fair share of pain.

You are a wonderful soul and a talented woman.

Keep on sharing your innermost thoughts sweet lady...we'll keep on caring.

You are amazing.


Jean said...

My heart isn't closed yet.
Still hoping.
...and, as always, VERY appreciative of the wonderful friends I have!

rsm said...

a little close to home, there.

k said...

*My heart isn't closed yet.*

That's comforting to hear. Exactly what I was hoping to hear.

It's evidence of two absolute requirements to find and to be worthy of that right one: courage, and having love still to give.

Too often people seem to look about them, demanding the *other* fit that good old list of specs...and high on the list, the other person must be a fountain of unembittered love and givingness and acceptance - including, accepting *me* with all the bitterness that I've agreed to keep a tight hold on ever since life dished it out to *me.*

People like that come as close to deserving to be alone as anyone ever can.

Jean said...

rsm - you're too young to let that happen yet... don't give up.

k - sometimes the most frustrating part is knowing how much love I do have to give... and, I do not want a bitter partner. He needs to love life as much as I do.

k said...

Yes. That bitter partner? Some people, maybe women a little more often than men, take that as a signal that This Potential Partner Need Our Nurturing, hooray!

That's a scene that tends to play out badly. Instead of Curing Their Pain with the strength and purity of our love, instead, oh Lord, their bitterness lives and grows and prevails, and kills off another piece of our generously loving selves.

Starting from the right place makes all the difference. If he used to be bitter, but has decided to allow himself to heal, that's great. Or if he just never went there in the first place. Either way, that man who already loves life will bring you joy beyond measure.

He's out there. I know you know that. And I see your patience, how it keeps you strong even when time keeps going by and making you wonder...

He's out there.

cmw said...

Wonderful. Funny, I was never so lonely as when I was married. Now, 2 years later, I love coming home to my warm apartment, filled with the things I love and my beautiful cats, it's like coming home to myself and anything I want my space to be. No unrealistic exectations, no "work-work-work," no absence of joy. But, I'm growing into the phase where I'd like to come home to a space I share with someone else, but if I don't find Him, I think I'll be alright on my own. At the very least, I'll adopt a dog. ;)

Thank you for this! I found your blog through the beautiful uplifting heartfelt messages you leave the author of This is your War II. There's no way your heart is closing, it's one of the biggest hearts out there.

Jean said...

k - I've had more than one bitter partner... enough, already, I say!
Life should be enjoyed.
Thank you, as always, for your kind and wise words.

cmw - welcome and thank you for your insight and gracious words. I hope you come back often.