Monday, January 22, 2007


is no light
sodden black
smothers air
wanting end
will not end.
it's will will not win!
refuse the depths
claw, pull, climb upward
screaming, cursing, sweating
rage against this death!
rage against this dark!
implore, nay... demand
be gone!


AspergantuS said...

You've done it again. There is a tremendous amount of emotion in this piece, yet no words were wasted. Your style is getting are you.
Nice Work Jean!

Jean said...

Thank you, Mick... this was one that just flowed, subconscious-like. Felt like it was in control of me... weird.

Snog Dot said...

Whoa, heavy.

kdzu said...

We have to remember as you state that we can 'demand' it begone, as we look toward the light.
We have that right and privelege.
Wayne Dyer says, "when you believe it, you'll see it."

loria said...

that is really good.

Desert Cat said...

I need to go away...for a while.

Those words were utterly loaded with portent, m'dear. So I am not at all surprised to hear what you were struggling with.

Don't go away, please.

Jean said...

Jack - life gets that way sometimes, eh?

Larry - yes, indeed... I regained control of so much recently... it feels good again.

Loria - thank you, dear... hope you and BBW are well.

D. C. - thank you for being here. you were one of the first to 'find' me here and I will always appreciate that. Your request here brings tears to my eyes. I want to stay.

beansgal said...

Ms continue to be fearless......honest....raw and return bruised, but victorious......proud to call you friend

Jean said...

Beansgal - proud to claim you too. thanks for being here.