Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hello, again...

Well, folks, you are dealing with one whacko broad raht chere.
Oh. Maybe you already figured that out.
I should give you more credit, huh? Sorry.

I'd like to say the crisis has passed, but as long as there is
life here, we can always find some crisis.
I think it is safe to say, however, that for now, it has abated.

Progress, tiny bits that it might be, is being made. Panic over.
Normal breathing resumed.

Besides, I seem to be addicted to this blogworld and the
writing that goes with it. Not a bad thing, that.
I just needed some time to prioritize and make a better
schedule for my life... in all areas.
If I'm not careful, I just might become somewhat efficient.
If you know me, that thought will make you giggle.

I have been writing during my absence. There are three posts
waiting in draft. The first two are poems. The first one might
give you a good look at my mood when I went AWOL from here.
I eagerly await your comments. Posting will be tomorrow.

During my lighter than normal blog browsing, I came across a
quote on Sgt. Hook's blog, posted by Drill Sgt. Bleu who
periodically adds his words of wisdom and ranting there:

"The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects
it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."
William Arthur Ward

I like that... a lot. And, finding it today was perfect timing for me.

Much thanks to all of you who continued to check for life here
and offer words of encouragement in comments and e-mail.


AspergantuS said...

Sometimes its ok to take breather... even the most effcient people in the world take time to reflect, adjust, re-set their sights and plow forward. Sounds like you're refocused.
Good Job!!!!

Jean said...

Mick - thank you, dear man.

Hammer said...

Glad things are better and I'm happy to see you back. Can't wait to read your new stuff. :)

Sparrow said...

Yay, welcome back! I hate it when life interferes with fun.

Mark said...

We all go off the deep end on occasion. Not a big deal.

Welcome back.

Blaez said...

Sometimes we all have to be a little wacko now and then. If we didn't we'd eventually explode or implode or something like that.

welcome back

Jean said...

Ya'll are just too good!... thanks.

kdzu said...

'adjust your sails'

I like that.
Welcome back. Missed you.

Jean said...

hugs to you, Larry.

kdzu said...

I'll take all the hugs from pretty young girls I can get.

Jean said...

Larry - oh my... are ya gonna be disappointed when you find out that I'm older than you?...55...:)

k said...

Oh, I'm SO glad! Welcome back.

Jean said...

k - thanks so much! ...and then, had to deal with a computer virus... sheesh...:)