Saturday, January 06, 2007

A... B... or C...

warm sticky wet
between them.
trembling tingling glow
simmer together.
a blanket of him
on top of her.
love dance
lust dance
again again again.

keep it light.
don't get too close.
don't touch too much.
my story. your story.
our story. their story.
come back but
don't stay.

Call me in a few years.
I'll try not to miss you in the meantime.
Timing is everything.


Blaez said...

oh that stirred some memories.....

hammer said...

Ok I need a towel now.

Freddie said...

Thought I was getting sleepy.

Then I read this.

Loren said...

It's amazing what complex emotions a few, simple words can convey.

boneman said...

As universal I'll betcha everybody who reads it thinks yer writing about them.

Three hard choices, these...
are there any "all three"s out there?

boneman said...

seems age is creepin' up on yer speed, gal. OK OK I'll give y'some time t'get up the steps....


Jean said...

Blaez - one of those would probably ring a bell for most of us.

Hammer - oops! (but thanks).

Freddie - ummm... too much caffeine?

Loren - welcome back... and thank you.

Berry - if there are, let me know, k? There are probably even more choices out there, who knows.
....and, as for your 2nd comment...phbbbbtttt!...:)

Anonymous said...

... A....

Jean said...

anon - my first choice also, Eric.

kdzu said...

For some reason that brought back memories of a frau in Germany.
Married, twice my age. Wonder if she is even alive today.
Wonderful summer, but she couldn't wait for me to catch up to her.

Jean, you're a voodoo woman, knowing all the little secrets within us all.
And able to describe it in so few words.

Jean said...

kdzu - I'll bet the German lady remembered you fondly for a long time, if not even now. There are some beautiful younger men who have touched my life.
Nice memories.
A voodoo woman, eh?...heh, I like it.

AspergantuS said...

Jean ~ First B. Then after a short time work up to A, but ALWAYS leave C open as an option in case B and A didn't work out the way you hoped they would.

Rantin' Ron said...


Jean...check out the time stamp on my last email to you. Now check out your site meter.

My email was sent BEFORE I visited your blog and read you last post!

Cue the Twilight Zone music!

Is it just me or were we on the same page?

I'm gettin' chills here.

Pretty cool I'd say.

Oh usual....great post.

You sure know how to get to the heart of the matter.

alan said...

I'll have an A please Jean ...

curmudgeon said...

You dropped your damn gum again?!?!?!


Sorry, I had to.
Anyway, I'll say A, then B, then shortly after comes C.
Seems typical to me.

Jim - PRS said...


Sparrow said...

Jean, you are a true poet! Lovely, lovely.

Jean said...

Mick - very logical, Mr Engineer...:)

Ron - I wish I could spell ooooOOOOOooo...ya know, the Twilight Zone music! I read your e-mail just before I found your comment. And, yes, the G.K. contributed inspiration here.
Same page, for sure. Thanks, Ron.

Alan - your request has been placed, sir.

Dave - it is fortunate that I like you!

Jim - a bit warm, dear man?

Sparrow - very kind, thank you.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

you just described the perfect set up for a lone wolf. i say the big bang once in a while is better than a steady dose of faint stars.

thanks for your visit jean. i'll range by now and again just like that blanket.


Jean said...

k9 - You know you are welcome here any time.

Erica said...


Anonymous said...

What is this about? Poetry cracks me up...people have such a need to be perceived as profound. I'm sure it makes me a simpleton in your eyes, but I've read several of your poems and I think they're all a load of hooie.

People's lives are in shambles, destruction and confusion surround them, but still they see some need to be seen as profound.


Jean said...

Anon - for me, this represents a few of the scenarios that could or have taken place in people's lives.
Poetry is just another form of expression. Some like it, some don't. If you keep coming back here, I hope you find something you like.