Sunday, October 15, 2006

Still here, still breathin'...

I stand barefoot by the ocean's edge, my feet sinking slowly, being sucked beneath the surface of the cool, wet sand.
I am planted there.

Head tilted back... watching Mother Nature's lightshow, I see
enormous mounds of gray cotton batting clouds, only momentarily visible as they are back-lit by silent, random flashbulbs.

The low breeze around me is suddenly cooler.
The sand wrapping my feet is now warmer than the air.

I stretch my arms out as far as they will reach just as the first drum rolls of thunder pound my ears.
Slightly swaying with the breeze, I can feel the deep vibration moving through me... around me... and away.

Being the tallest object on the beach in a thunderstorm and living to write about it... priceless!


loria said...

that is beautiful.

k said...


K. D. Zu said...

And on other days, having it strike, to see thru the tunnel of light, to change existences, to step thru the veil, seems a dream to good to come true.
No rush.......
...just ready.
I hope.

Aspergantus said...

Very, very nice. You write such emotional pieces. BRAVO!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I can actually feel you standing there.

Jean said...

loria - thank you, dear lady. Nice to see you here again!

k - oh yessssss.

k.d.zu - the hope of peace that isn't here right now? Don't give up on this life yet, dear man.

Mick - nature is there to help us feel...dontcha think? Thank you!

eotr - can you, really? Excellent!

Jim - PRS said...

Priceless, indeed.

Jean said...

Jim - stimulating, to say the least.

boneman said...


Then again, WOW!

No! Lightnin' ain't got no poetic heart, dear.
Get out the water!

But, still......


(I think I can almost smell the smells, feel the crackle as you write the words...)


Jean said...

aw Boneman - you have been missed!
So glad you're back... and am also glad you like what I wrote. Never fear... I am safe.:)