Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sing, Minstrel....

Play my heart strings.
Strum the words
from my soul.
Cry with me.
Make me brave.
Dance with me
along the shore.
Your music is such comfort
as another's arms would be.
No other knows what I know,
save for thee.


Jim - PRS said...

Nice ... very nice.

Jean said...

Jim - thank you... you know how music can speak!

Aspergantus said...

Music is the language of the heart and soul. You show that here quite exquisitely.

Very Nice

boneman said...

....and laugh with me,
and our laughter
will still ring in the world long after
we are gone, away from the pain
never long again for the rain
to quench our hearts' desires.

Jean said...

Mick - it can help us hide secrets, or reveal them. Thank you for the lovely compliment... but, to me, it seems to need something yet.

Jean said...

Berry - beautiful words and thoughts, as always. "...and laugh with me," ...yes, I should have had that in there too. I so enjoy our laughter.

Aspergantus said...

Don't touch a is what it is....

GalacticallyStupid said...

It is what it is...didn't we talk about that last night?

Jean said...

Mick and Bob - OK... point taken.
Thank you both.