Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Tale of BeauVoirGlass....

Once upon a time, way down south, in the Sunshine State... there was a woman
who talked to herself... a lot. And, daydreamed... a lot. And was depressed... a lot.

One day, while this woman was at work, a very techno-savvy friend told her about this fascinating new medium that was becoming very popular for expressing individual opinions, creative expression and communicating with bazillions of people all over the world. It was called the inter net. And, in that inter net, was an even newer world called the blogosphere. This woman's friend told her to go to the blogosphere and read. Her friend told her this because she knew the woman loved to read, loved to write and was depressed.
The friend said, "Do this. I think you will like it."

The woman went to visit blogland. She read many blogs. Soon, she wanted a blog of her own. She read the directions. She followed the directions. Soon she was asked, in the directions, to give a name for her blog address. The woman pondered.
"Eureka!" she exclaimed. "I will use the same name as my screen name. It will be easy for me to remember because it has a special meaning for me."

And, then the woman pondered something else. She pondered how so many men could have their own blogs. Having a blog of one's own required following directions. Men do not follow directions. The woman started to get a headache and stopped pondering what could not be answered.

Instead, the woman reflected on Beau Voir and BeauVoirGlass.
Beau Voir is French for "beautiful view" or "beautiful to see". It was the name given to the home of the Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. This magnificent home sits facing the Gulf of Mexico, in Mississippi. Indeed, it has a "beautiful view" and the home itself is "beautiful to see".

The woman continued to ponder. And smile. She remembered, from several years ago, another fascinating medium... television. She remembered seeing an artist making beautiful designs on glass. The designs were made by etching. Etching is done by using a strong air compressor to force a gritty substance, like sand, through an air brush gun. The sand "etches" the glass, leaving a cloudy surface on... or around... the design the artist puts on the glass. It makes the glass very beautiful.

While watching this glass artist, the woman suddenly said, "Eureka!" (The woman likes that word.) "I want to learn to etch glass. I have many ideas. I will start by etching a design on this old jalousie window, right here in my living room."

But, alas, the woman had no air compressor. No air brush gun. And, worst of all, because she was poor at this time, she had no money to buy these things.

The woman decided to find an artist to help her. She looked in the telephone book. She found a name and picked up her telephone... yet another wonderful piece of technology! She called the artist and related her exciting idea... and her sad plight... to him. The artist pondered only a moment. He said, to the woman, "Visit my workshop. I will tell you how to make the stencils for your design. Then you can apply the design you wish to have on your window and I will etch the design for you at a most reasonable cost." The woman smiled and agreed.

The woman followed the artist's directions. (Men like to give directions.)

Two weeks later, the woman had completed the stencil design on the window. She then took the thirteen panes of glass from the jalousie window to the artist. He etched the glass. The artist was very impressed with the etched design. He encouraged the woman to make more designs.

The woman went home and practiced making more designs with the stencils.
But, she became sad because she still could not afford to buy the compressor and air brush gun. She had to do other things first.

Suddenly, the woman had an idea that made her smile. She decided that she would choose a name for the etching business she hoped to have one day. She would choose the name "BeauVoirGlass" because her designs would be "beautiful to see".
The name would remind her of her dream to create things of beauty that would please many people as they gazed upon them in their own beautiful homes.

The End.


Blaez said...

I've missed reading your writing. So beautiful. Glad tobeable to do it again in leisure.

Aspergantus said...

More, more, we want more!!!
More, more, we want more!!!
More, more, we want more!!!

mr_g said...

Sounds like a's it working out? ummm for "the lady" that is....

SgtHook said...
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SgtHook said...

Brilliant (the man likes that word).

Jean said...

Blaez - welcome back! and thank you.

Mick - :) is that foot-stomping I hear? You get some credit for this one, ya know.

mr g - the dream ain't dead yet!

sgthook - very kind of you, again.

Crashtest Comic said...

Blogging makes me fart.

Jim - PRS said...

Excellent, as usual.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Excellent definitely have a gift.

k said...

Oh, joy and happiness! More more more!

K. D. Zu said...

My dear Jean,

Excellent. Love your writing.

But my dear, you wound me. Men, not able to follow directions?

Why just today I followed the directions....... Mow the grass....weed eat around the house.......chain saw these trees a new phone line with which to hook to the internet..put up the clean dishes... fix the glasses for supper...take out the trash.

Sure glad of all the pills which, somewhat, relieve the red behind the eyes and loosen the clamps on the forehead.

Keep up the really good writing.

Jean said...

crash - please, don't fart here!

Jim - thank you...glad you like it.

Mrs J and ks - you sweet!

k.d. - you see, that is why you are so dear to me...not the average man! You deserve a good rest. And, thank you!

Aspergantus said...

Jean - It's not my's yours...and a great one too!!!

But I have a question...

How can anything MAKE someone fart. Do blogs hold him down and force him to fart on command? How does that work?
I AM BLOG! FART OR DIE! I just HATE when that happens.....

Jean said...

Mick - apparently EVERYTHING makes him fart...since he said, in your comment box, that airports do it to him too! yikes.

Aspergantus said...

He has left a trail of "... (fill in the blank) makes me fart" on several sites....he's going around doing drive-by fart jokes....
I think it's funny... but I'm kinda warped....

Jean said...

Mick - it's a guy thing...crikey!

Lee said...


Great story, great "lady".

One comment, one question...

First, go to If you register, you may be able to find someone with the equipment you need, who is giving it away(I've gotten and gotten rid of a ton of useful things this way). Also posting on Craigslist is another way to find what you need. Let me know when I can get an original "Jean" from BeauviorGlass.

Second...this "lady" you write about...does she have big tits? Can she cook?

LOL...sorry, I just can't let it go.

boneman said...

"And, then the woman pondered something else. She pondered how so many men could have their own blogs. Having a blog of one's own required following directions. Men do not follow directions."

This comment from someone who still hasn't followed directions?

"directions for what?" you may ask.

You were "tagged" but din't respond.

Freddie said...

Ah. Thank you for that. I did wonder...

curmudgeon said...

What a mammary er, memory Lee!

I - in a way - hate to betray all manly men and admit it, but when confronted with a major assembly project I prefer reading the effing manual to reassembling said project several times.

Lee said...

I'm right with you on that one, Dave.

Jean said...

Lee - thanks for the info, sweet man...I'll check it out!
To answer your other

Boneman - wellllll, time, ok?...never said I was perfect!

Freddie - you're welcome...lots of people asked, so I figured I'd put it out there for everyone.

Dave - how sensible!!!

Dave and Lee - damn, this a blogbang????......:)

curmudgeon said...

Blogbang? Naw, just talking behind your back. :)

Jean said...

Dave - Bwahhhhhh!

boneman said...

Only, that wasn't m'point.

Sno big deal about the "tag" cause I figure some does and some doesn't do what everybody else is doing.

You pretty much carve yer own path, and that's cool.
"cept, t'carve yer own path out'a this world requires y't'not always FOLLOW directions.

The fact that y'said men CAN'T follow directions would have way less import to it if I could actually use italics and bold instead of just capitalize "punch" words.
And, in case folks din't notice, the "directions" are at the top of every comment box.

Still, fer some reason or t'other, I can't figure 'em out.
And, I can only imagine that means I am a man.

I guess I could'a just put m'hand down m'pants and figured THAT out, but, what the hey.
Why be simple when y'can use logic and deduction, eh?

Jean said...

Boneman - I did not say men "can't" follow directions...I said they "don't"....and, it was meant as a broad generalization, using sarcasm and an attempt (apparently very weak) at slight humor...I certainly didn't mean for anyone to take it personally.

boneman said...

Y'all still ain't gettin' it, gal.
I ain't bein' critical.

I just talk (write) funny.

Tell ya what....let me start over.

I noticed that the openning style of this post was more to the tune of a story than a poem.
You have written shorts before, and I'm wondering....are ya thinking to do more?

'Course, I know writing ain't where ya want t'end up at, but, then again, neither did I. Nor music. Those are more of a "sidetrack" t'help me relax and exchange ideas and concepts.

Heck, any day now I 'spect we'll be seein' pictures of the etching job you had done. I can't wait fer ya t'get yer own machine and some glass.
Then it'll be Katy Bar the Door!

Aspergantus said...

Yeah...what he said!!!
And when ARE you going to do more writing?

Jean said...

boneman - actually, I would love to do both....write......and etch glass......that is my real dream.

Mick - it's coming, old's coming....:)

Aspergantus said...

old that like:

...Government Organization?
...Alone Together?
...Personal Computer?
...Silent Scream?
...Living Dead?
...Same Difference?
...Taped Live?
...Plastic Glasses?
...Tight Slacks?
...Peace Force?
...Pretty Ugly?
...Head Butt?
...Working Vacation?
...Tax Return?
...Virtual Reality?
...Dodge Ram?
...Work Party?
...Jumbo Shrimp?
...Healthy Tan?
...Microsoft Works?

Jean said...

Mick - kinda like...sneaky buzzard!!.....:)

GalacticallyStupid said...

You've got some really, really good stuff on here Jean. You should do it more often.

Jean said...

thanks GS...working full-time, plus doing major tasks on my house... but, I hope to do this more often......glad you like what is here!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I want and original, too.

I use freecycle in my area to get rid of things I am not using. Too bad you are so far away, I would let you use the garage, I have the air compressor...darn it!

So hoping you get to do it soon.

Jean said...

Valerie - another of my blog friends also mentioned freecycle...I will check it soon as I make more room in my garage... thanks for the offer!....and, consider yourself on my list to receive an etched work...:)