Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dumpster Diving...

In my driveway sits a big, green dumpster. Empty.
It was delivered today. It is rented for a month.

I will now begin purging my house and garage.
After twenty years at this address, it is time to get rid of the trash, the excess and the unwanted.

A few things will be donated to charities.
A few things will be sold.
Comparatively little will be allowed to clutter my life.

Two antique bookcases will stay, and a few antique chairs and rockers.
Computer. Television. Stereo. Books, music, movies.
Some clothes. One bed. One dresser. New dishes, still in the box.
Family photos. Art work. Sewing machine.

I will finally have clean, empty space.
Space in which to move easily in order to finish work that has needed doing for a long time.

A blank canvas.
A clean slate.
Room to breathe.

I feel better already.


MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Hi Jean...nice site! I think I need to rent one of those dumpsters!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Exactly what I am doing. If it's an heirloom the kids are getting it. If it's a dust catcher I have to not be able to part with it, if it's extra it's out of here.

The goal is to see how little I can get by with and still provide "company comforts" for family and friends.

I think it's a lot less than I have now. We will just have to see.

k said...

This is wonderful. And oddly enough, the same spirit has been moving me, too.

Jean said...

3 ladies - I resented the cost of the rental, and put this off for quite a while. Finally convinced myself that it will be worth it in time and effort saved. I think this might actually be fun!

boneman said...

You make me so very envious of the emergence.

I seem to think that there is value in ancient crap that has no purpose, no use, no memories to rest upon, and, fer crying out loud, I trip over every time I go out to the barn!

Maybe we need a dumpster here, too.

Maybe we all need a dumpster in our lives, sometimes.

Lucky girl.

Jean said...

Boneman - you can emerge too...even 2 steps back can be followed by 3 steps forward....thus, progress. You are moving forward too, dear man. Keep taking those steps, however tiny they might be. Use whatever dumpster is available to you.

Jean said...

Boneman - you also need to remember... the true bottom line is that you, yourself, are the only real thing of value in your life...not the stuff you keep tripping over...honor your own worth.

Anonymous said...

Beau, Congrats on taking an action step. I need to follow your lead. Your Woodville Buddy

Jean said...

Hey Woodville.....yep, been a long time coming..thanks.