Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Baby Bane

There is a lady blogger http://cursesandchrome.blogspot.com who spends large amounts of her time making sure lots of our deployed troops know they are remembered by folks back home.
Right now, she is putting together a birthday package for one of her favorites, named in the title of this post.
This young Marine is on his second tour, and also happens to be a son of another blogger http://banedad.blogspot.com .

Wendy, of Curses and Chrome fame, has said that anyone who would like to include a birthday card and good wishes for Baby Bane can send it to her post office box and she will happily include it in the package she will be sending. She needs to have the cards in her hands no later than October 10.

I'm thinking, if my dear readers also send cards, this Marine will have a birthday that could keep him smiling for quite a while.

You can mail your card directly to her at :

Baby Bane
P. O. Box 583
Rockford, IL 61105

Remember, it needs to be to her no later than October 10.
Thank you, in advance, to any of you who are willing to send good wishes to this young man.


loria said...

that is so sweet of you to post that. and thanks,i'll send one. they too need to know that we think of them and all the work they are doing for us and our country. that is very thoughtful of you.

MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

This is a great thing you guys are doing Jean. I'll see if I can get my sons to make him a homemade card and send it to you. They always make me laugh!

Jean said...

loria and mrs J - you guys are great.....thank you!

boneman said...

Dang! You should see m'dawgs. Now, they're REALLY depressed!

On the other hand, I finally altered m'blog.

Yeah. Finally!

Aspergantus said...

Jean, I will do my best to have someting in the mail this weekend. Anything for the troops!!!

Jean said...

boneman - I saw the new post...it is it is awesome...as I expected...and, tell your dawgs to cheer the hell up...k?

Mick - that is wonderful....thank you so much!...and, congrats, again, Grandpa...:)

Snog Dot said...

I have been reading "Chrome" and "Bane" for a LONG time and I had no idea he had a son in Iraq. Shit, I didn't even realize the dude was that OLD. BANE, Dude, you're old.........

Jean said...

Jack - Bane is 51....but, still younger than moi.