Thursday, June 02, 2016


This shouldn't be an effort, but it is.
I'm boring myself senseless and you lovely
folks who still check in must be numb from 
all the nothingness that is this blog lately. 

Perhaps I should re-post some of the archives. 
Or not.
I'll ponder on that awhile.


Anonymous said...

Well, you call it nothingness. I think of your blog as bits of your life as it is today. If I were bored, I'd quit coming here. Life is what it is, what we make of it.

I hope your today is a good day.


Jean said...

awww...hugs to you, Bonnie.

the walking man said...

jean if every blog post was deep and meaningful, full of excitement and curiosity--that would be boring. Just continue on as you will.

Jean said...

Well, OK.

Doom said...

I'm dragging around, barely... Well... All while on fire inside. So, I'll take what you are serving. Though, if you really wanted to find some of your highlights, I certainly wouldn't mind. They say for a writer to truly write, not only ink (or electrons in our cases), but blood too must flow onto the media. And you certainly bleed. Even now.

Just in case you were asking if anyone cared. I remember reading here, the first few times... sent over by Bane. Both holy terrors, I suppose, but with a spark of more, I think? Hope? And compassion. Anyway... Write or rewrite, or copy and paste, I'll sure look.

Jean said...

Thank you, Doom.
Bane was one of a kind. More compassionate than many knew.

Glad to see you up and around.

Doom said...

Nah, I always thought he was a sucker for snot-nosed kids, dames, puppies, and much more. I didn't hold it against him, too much. Used it against him, from time to time. :)

Thanks. I've been up, just so focused, doing what it takes to be up, that I... couldn't do anything but focus? Gah!