Monday, June 20, 2016

A dear friend is gone...


What a smile,
what a laugh,
what a heart. 

Rest in peace, dear friend. 

Go here   to read what did this.


LL said...

NO! Jean, say it isn't so. :-(

Jean said...

It breaks my heart to say it's true, LL.
Hep C and then liver cancer.

LL said...

Damn. I knew the Hep C had him hard, but didn't know about the cancer.

I'll pray for his family. I'm sure Jack & Travis are heartbroken too

Doom said...

I am sorry for your loss, and his sacrifice.

I must admit, I... thought it was another.

Be well.

Jean said...

Carol is doing well.
Thank you, Doom.

the walking man said...

The line for inoculations was called nuts to butts. If someone passed out they did not have room enough to fall down. Your friend and I were in the same place only a year apart--sorry you had to lose him Jean. The VA regularly does comprehensive blood work ups once a year for older folks NOW.

Joe said...

I'm sorry for your loss