Monday, June 13, 2016

Beach Pelicans...(originally published 4-28-2009)

skimming over
invisible slidingboards of air,
buoyant as balloons
no strings attached.
glide and slide
no care, so slow any
other would plummet
without flapping.
landing only to
belly-surf and find
lunch in the mullet pack
racing below glassy swells.


boneman said...

nice photography.
Nice poetry.
Now if only the pelicans could find some 'nice' fish, eh?

Joan of Argghh! said...

I believe a life of slack suits your writing skills!


Anonymous said...

I hear they taste fishy.

curmudgeon said...

As the black fin emerges
silent, sleek and giddy,
the morsel that lays before,
though a bit light and fluffy
will make a tasty snack
for the afternoon prowl.

So sue me.

Jean said...

Berry, the pelicans look very healthy. I don't think they go hungry d:-)

Joan, I have to admit, there is much of this time off that I love.
Thank you!

Mark, heh...I've never known anyone who tried them.

Dave, I keep telling you that you have hidden talents. Nice!

kdzu said...

I could see in my minds eye a flight of pelicans skimming over the beach and surf so clearly from your description and my memory. Almost as if there.


Jean said...

Larry, if I can put a picture in your mind, that means a lot to me!

X said...

This is very nice..

Jean said...

Was hoping you'd like it :-)

foam said...

Nice! Was this when you still lived in Florida?

Jean said...

Thanks, Foam!
Yes, this was seven years ago.