Wednesday, May 11, 2016

No wandering allowed...

It's been four years since I moved back to Ohio.
Sometimes I hate it. 
Then I feel guilty for not appreciating what I have. 
Emotional roller-coaster is exhausting.
Sunshine helps, even if I only see it through the


Doom said...

Gee, for a dame, you are as bad as I am. For me, wherever I lay my head is home. Which... means I'm not home yet. Somehow. Just trust me. I don't think dames travel well though. Not long term. Which might be my only solution. If everywhere is home, then laying my head in the same place twice is... missing the point. Not quite sure I am up to breaking camp and resettling every day, usually. But I can get closer than this.

If you have a home, and aren't being chased out or down or harassed beyond your means, I wouldn't recommend travel. If visits aren't doing it... Anyway you could morph into a snowbird? Living in Florida when it's cool, Ohio when it's warm? Though some dreams just can't work. I'm trying to figure out Alaska myself. Next year or the one after.

Jan Southwick said...

it's been a LONG four years for you, my friend! With Summer upon us here, we are dreading the heat and long for Ohio.
I don't think it's as much of where you are, but, as you say....the emotional roller-coaster you've endured! I so admire the way you've stepped up to help your family, esp. Carol. I KNOW what a toll it can take, esp. if you're not taking care of YOUR well being. I only hope, now that the weather is better (for the most part)that you can GET OUT OF THE HOUSE more and enjoy some YOU time...even if it's only driving to a park to read or just enjoy the outdoors!
Maybe take a drive to Burton or Middlefield, if Burton...sit in the beautiful park, go to their library (notice the artwork Karen donated there)visit the log cabin in the park..I guarantee, you'll go back in time!Right around the corner from the library is a home town, good place to eat!! It's all very walkable.
Know that I think of you daily and miss you like crazy!! "Wish You Well"

Anonymous said...

Girl, if I had any kinda freedom I'd run over and get you and take you down there myself.

But then, we'd still have to come back wouldn't we?


Hang in there. I'm thinkin' summer must be waitin' for June before it'll show this year. All this doom and gloom weather right now really sucks. I know.



Jean said...

Thank you, my friends.
I hate to sound like a whiner, but I am sometimes.
This, too, shall pass.

the walking man said...

Could have been worse Jean, it could have been MI and then you would have had the same shit for weather and Snyder the taxman for governor seeing your income reduced by at least 15% in that 4 years.

Jean said...

Ha, Mark. You're just trying to cheer me up.