Friday, May 20, 2016


Had my annual diabetic eye exam today.
Still blurry as I type this.
No major change in prescription but there are
tiny cataracts in both eyes (yay, old age!).
I asked if there was any way to slow down the
growth and the dr. said "vitamin C and sun glasses".
I can do that. See ya next year.

Carol is doing better since they stopped the chemo drug
and are only giving her Herceptin for now. As long as
the cancer doesn't start spreading, they'll keep her on
that. Maybe a year or longer.

She still has swelling in the left arm from lymphedema, so 
I'll continue to wrap her hand and arm every day.
All her fingernails are gone and now her toenails are
starting to fall off. Her feet and ankles stay swollen most
of the time. Steroids and water pills help some but not

All the years of advancements in science and it is still
mostly trial and error. Hit or miss. 

At least her energy level is better. She's getting antsy to
be able to get out on her own.
I don't blame her a bit.


Anonymous said...

Your old age comment made me chuckle. The person who decided to call it our golden years was definitely younger than we are.

Continue to pray for Carol's health.


Jean said...

Thank you, Bonnie.
Golden years...riiiight.

the walking man said...

I do not care for that pupil dilation! I am sort of fortunate in the cataracts are much further along in my blind eye but the VA Dr. said next year he wants to discuss removing it so i can retain the little [eripheral vision I have...GAHHH! I don't want any more slice and dices.

Jean said...

The idea of cataract surgery scares the shit outta me!