Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring haiku...

Spring sunset glows gold.
Wind gently moves clouds away.
Then the glow is gone.


Joe said...


Jean said...

Thank you, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring! my old friend.

It's here. It's REALLY here!!!

Beats winter ANY day!



Anonymous said...

I like your haiku. In reality, the "wind gently blows" the seeds (helicopters) off my neighbors' silver maple trees onto my deck, back yard, front yard, and drive- and walkways. Swept just the deck yesterday and had a 5 gallon bucket filled to the top. Cleaned driveway and walkway this morn, got 30 gals. of seeds. Spring is not my favorite season for a myriad of reasons. Cleanup behind neighbors' trees is only one. Hope you have a nice Spring & Summer.


Jean said...

Hey, Fred. Good to see you enjoying life.

Bonnie, I can understand your frustration with all those seeds.
Hope you end up enjoying the Spring.