Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Just got home...

after spending a week in the hospital.

Went to the ER because of a boil that had become a horrible abscess. 
(I know TMI.)
They admitted me and asked how long I had diabetes. Huh?
My blood sugar was a bit high... 400.
Two days later, they said I had MRSA.
I insisted I'd been in the hospital eleven days but paperwork
and my sisters proved it was "only" seven.
My head is still a bit fuzzy and I'm more than a little pissed
off that I have to inject insulin four times a day.

I'll try to finish this on a positive note:
the weather has been beautiful.



Anonymous said...

Jean, please take care of yourself. You always hear everything happens for a reason. If you weren't as thoughtful and considerate as you are, you would probably still be in FL. You're home now and your family is nearby to support you. I keep you in my thoughts.


Joe said...

Ah take care of yourself

the walking man said...

400 is not "a bit high" jean it is just shy of keeping you in the hospital until you have been stabilized at around 100 for at least 5 days.

Fucking diabetes, it's all about numbers (glucose levels, A1c, and carb/sugar/fat counts.)

Look & trust me on this--give yourself 6 months of managing your disease the way your doctor recommends and if your A1c is above 7 start to take control for yourself.

I have been diagnosed since '95 and injecting insulin since 2000. My A1c just dropped to below 6 for my last two blood tests. That eating 4-5 times a day is for shit, I don't do it--maybe 3 mostly twice. I am at a point where i just know how much to shoot. That sliding scale at best is general because everyone's pancreas is slightly different.

The entire goal of management is to prevent further organ damage. So figure out what's right for you and follow that program--think about Metformin to go with the insulin it may cut your shots to twice a day.

boneman said...

There's a shoulder nearby, always. Just a few hours of travel for me, not enough to complain about.
But you can have that shoulder anytime day or night. Any day, any week or month, ...

Even if you don't call, I'll wish the best for you and yours.

Jean said...

Thank you all, folks.
I'm following instructions to a T and the results have been good so far.

I'm really, really lucky to have my sisters with me.

Doom said...

Son, girl, don't mess there. I live at 600, but I'm not human. Figure it out. Walking Man has it pretty good. Don't even try to live in my twilight. You aren't up to it. Crazy dames, sheesh! Prayers are on again. Sorry I missed, but I've been... ripping and tearing.

Stay sweet, or mean. :p Girls, anyway.

og said...

Sheesh, I miss everything! Take care of yourself, now, and get your act together. My friend W had a stroke and lost the sight in one eye because of untreated diabetes. We want you around for a lot longer!

Jean said...

Doom, mean keeps me going ;-).

Og, my eyes are still fuzzy. Another eye doctor visit on Monday.