Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Down on the farm...

When I was about four, my folks bought 70 acres of farmland.
They spent the next seven years building a house and garage so
we could live in the country.
It took seven years because Dad worked six days a week, so
Sundays and his vacation time was the only time they had to do
what needed doing to make a new home. Plus, it was Ohio and
the weather wasn't agreeable for construction about five months
of the year.

My Mom's father and two of her brothers were bricklayers and
stone masons, so they took care of that part of the work. Electric
and plumbing was done by professionals because of the required
permits and inspections. The rest was done by mom and dad. 

Anyway... one front corner of the property was a copse of huge
old trees and long, soft grass that never got mowed. (Not all yards
need to look like they are trimmed with cuticle scissors.)
In the Spring, that green carpet became engorged with daffodils
and grape hyacinths. It was my favorite place to play.

I never picked any of the flowers. They were where they should 
have been. It was a wonderland for my imagination.

Those beautiful flowers have been missing from that corner 
for more than three decades... since the property was sold.

Still, I remember and I visit that beautiful corner in the country
every Spring. It only exists in my memory but it's just as radiant
in my mind's eye now as it was  for that little girl so many years ago.



the walking man said...

I could go back to a spot like that over and over again as well. In living long we eventually rediscover where exactly we left the roots of our hearts Jean.

Anonymous said...

Memorable places, things, and people that mean so much to us, to us ONLY. Sometimes we have nothing but our fond memories to give us joy. Enjoy a beautiful Spring, Jean!


Jean said...

Mark, you're on to something.

Bonnie, may this Spring bring us all another fond memory.

Doom said...

The eyes of a child are precious and forever. I try to remember mine, so that they remember life before cynicism. I'm glad to see you cherish your sight and memories.

Jean said...

Doom, lately I've been trying to dig deep for the good ones.

Doom said...

I'm just pleased you saw fit to share. Children can be so absent minded, lose themselves in the moments forgetting to share. When we see, we can become. Not bad, at all, always. Some things are just our own, too.

foam said...

Lovely memories, Jean. they are a treasure.since I recently discovered how delightful daffodils smell, do certain Scents bring back memories?

Jean said...

Doom, I need to ask the siblings if they remember that corner of the farm.

Foam, yes, I believe they do. Daffodils have a very distinct smell...and you should find some grape hyacinth for some super-sweet bliss.