Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Such weirdness of dreams...

If they were one time only, it might not bother me.

I keep dreaming that I took my parents to a MLB game.
They both look healthy and happy and the same age they
were when they died...Dad 69, Mom 63. Both have been gone
almost twenty-five years.
The game is in Cleveland, beautiful, sunny day.
It's all my treat because I did very little of that for them.
Asking them what they want from the concession stand, Dad
just says "aww, I don't need anything." Mom doesn't know
what's on the menu, so I take her with me and we bring back
hot dogs and sodas for all three of us. End of dream.

The next repeater is my two sisters and I are in the back seat
of a 1950s vintage car being driven by Dad. It's dark outside.
I feel like I'm about twelve years old in the dream, which would
make Carol eight years old and Ann six years old.
We are approaching a RRX-ing and see the warning lights begin
to flash and Dad is not slowing down. We are screaming.
End of dream.

We were in a bad accident in 1961 but Mom was driving.
Dad was always the one who scared us with his driving.
(Like missing an exit on an interstate, pulling into the
emergency lane and backing up to the exit. Seriously.)

Anyone out there with dream interpretation skills?
Any shrinks in the audience?



Jess said...

I'm no dream interpreter, but I think I can figure some of it out.

The dream with your parents and the MLB game is a longing, whether real, or unfulfilled, for the contentment of family and the joy of giving.

The dream in the car is the fear of your life being out of control, whether it actually is, or you feel it might be.

Still, I may be wrong. It might all be due to a spicy burrito.

the walking man said...

I don't dream but in that twilight zone of near sleep i was field stripping my shotgun and reminding myself I need cleaner and oil.

Doom said...

I would see it as looking forward to another time, the first dream, but not without understanding the fear that will cause the new time to come.

The first part, in a way, is how it should be. With the ones we love, doing for them as we can, and enjoying life. But this life doesn't allow that. The next will.

That last dream... yes... a realization of death. It is how we get to that next life, but is quite a leap of faith and almost never a choice we would make. But death is not only feared for ourselves, but for those we care about.

That is what I see. Simplistic, I suppose. I dream a lot, and deeply, fully. There isn't always an explanation. If I had those types of dreams, as described though, that is what I would take from them.

Jean said...

I am blessed with intelligent commenters.
Thank you, gentlemen.