Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Scrambled eggs...

Here's a question: Why doesn't the Big Dipper move
across the sky like other stars and the moon?
They arc across the sky from east to west but the B.D.
shows up in nearly the same spot every night and
varies little. Stop laughing. What am I missing?

One of the local weather peeps said that Ohio averages
only 10 days a year with temperatures at 90 degrees
or higher. Doesn't seem right but, I'm having trouble
remembering more than a day or two so far this year.
Let's see... in Florida we were lucky to make it out of
April without at least a few days at 90 or more and then
had to wait for October to start breathing easier again.
10 days/6 months...10 days/6months...hmmmm.

Carol is still doing well.
Ann is healed and walking on her own.

The new movies this summer really sucked. 

I discovered that books written by Wally Lamb are outstanding.

I started Christmas shopping in late July. Bits and pieces.
Somehow, I also ended up with new shoes, blouses and a 
comforter for me. I need to make a list next time... 
for everybody else.

I saw a cloud that looked like Mickey Mouse's head.


Jess said...

The Big Dipper, and Little Dipper, are circumpolar. If the earth was a merry go round, their location would be overhead. While everything at eye level disappears during a rotation, things above don't change position very much and are always visible.

Jean said...

Thank you, Jess.
(and thanks for not laughing)

Doom said...

I'm laughing Jean. But I didn't know either, so I wouldn't be too perturbed.

We had a cooler summer, almost too cool? It through me for a bit of a loop. Or, that is how I perceive it.

Sounds like all good though. Movies have, to me, been sucking for so long I have up years ago. Once in a while, an oldie I liked, or something new, will tempt me. But I wait for it on blueray. It's actually much cheaper, especially with the concession stand costs.

I'm still glad you are in Ohio. It just seemed right. It's home. Not that home is always great, but... I'm a wanderer, so home is where I lay my head. So I don't count.

boneman said...

depends on which galaxy you are on when watching them. From another galaxy (say Andromeda) then the difference would be phenomenal.
On the other hand, stop being anemic. (if you want to stop, that is)
eleven in three years, and sadly, two who were younger than me. Talk about scarey...
While you're buying Xmas presents, don't forget to get yourself something really REALLY warm, because we have been lucking out in the mid-west these past few Winters.
OK, that's probably too much, but, it was efficient.
Hope you're doing OK, gal.

Joe said...

The big dipper does spin in place, so does the little dipper

The front two stars on the "dipper" portion of the big dipper always point to the north star.

Jean said...

Joe, I am star-challenged. Still have trouble finding the north star even using the Dipper.

Doom, I am slowly acclimating to Ohio. Feeling more comfortable.

Berry, I saw your post about your trip to the ER. Very scarey. Hope you're doing better.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Something for everyone in this!

Jean said...

Thanks, J Cosmo! That's not a bad thing, aywhatt.