Friday, August 09, 2013


Her oncologist saw a spot she didn't like. 
Biopsy came back positive.

The herceptin she's been on obviously isn't 
holding back the cancer. She starts chemo again
with a drug that was just released this year...TDM-1
Her first session is August 20.
She might also need more surgery.

Good news is that tests did not show the cancer 
spreading to her bones or other organs.


boneman said...

well, that's always terrible to hear. Cancer is nothing if not persistent, but it CAN be stopped in its tracks.
Just depends on the stamina of the person bearing the load.

That and your sister's stamina, too. Sure can't be easy, that's what I know. Ma was a tough ol' bird, as she used to say, and the final analysis was she beat it down to complete remission.

It cost her her heart, but damn it! She at least got to "dance" for a while.

Tell yer sis I'm hoping for her well being.

Hoping for yours, too. I asked my Aunt if she had any ideas to help you, and she did. So, she's sending a book she wrote ...she's very talented. A bit scruffy, but a real sweet heart...(compared to a shark pool)

Probably just what the doctor ordered...

Doom said...

While not good news, it does mean you are still needed there. That has to help with the... situation. Cramping isn't as noticed when facing a foe or on the run, is all. The thing will be easier to beat with two of you as well. I'll add this new concern to my prayer list.

Just take care, both of you. xoxoxo

foam said...

I'm so sorry to hear this, Jean. I'm wishing all the best to your sister. And As you take care of her, take care of yourself too!

x x x

the walking man said...

Yeah not cool but cool that it hasn't spread. Still though like Berry said the will of the ill has to be strong to keep the immune system pissed off and fighting.

Jess said...

I found my way here in a roundabout way, but I'm glad I found your blog.

I don't have anything to offer but prayers. Whether you like them, or not, they're powerful and change the world.

Diane said...

I'm so sorry. I'm dealing with something similar, but not as dire at the moment -- cancer, no insurance. I stopped by to see how you were, as I've come back to Bloggyland (hopefully for longer than a bit)... I'm sad for you and thinking of you! xo

og said...

You are in our prayers as always.

Jean said...

Dear lovely people... ♥

Karl said...

Evening Jean,

Sorry to read this, it has to be so trying and tiring for the both of you. Yet you are where you're at, and only thing for it. It is to keep putting one boot in front of the other. Keep her and your spirits up and keep fighting. My heartfelt best to the both of you.

Anonymous said...

Still out here praying for all of you.

Keep your head up.


LL said...

Jean, you and your sister are still in my thoughts.

foam said...

How's your sis, Jean?