Tuesday, July 30, 2013

computer go bye-bye...

I shouldn't complain, I guess. Bought it in 2004 for less than $300.

Even when there is a valid reason for change, I still rebel against.
Familiarity breeds comfort. But, isn't that one way abusers keep
their claws in the abused? Shame on me.

We were busy for a while organizing the annual family reunion.
It poured rain the whole day but we rent a nice community
building for the event, so we all stayed dry while sampling a
huge variety of food and visiting with many relatives.
My siblings and I get to run the show again next year and then
hand over the organizing to Uncle Paul's kids for their turn.

No idea how often I'll be back here. I didn't seem to miss blogging
like I thought I might when I was first computer-less.
Perhaps seven years is enough. Perhaps I'll have a brain spark
on occasion.Whatever.

I'm chipping away at my to-do list in my own time, as usual.
Life isn't bad.


Jean said...


I'm still rooting for the Tribe.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

If life isn't bad you must be doing something right. Take care.

the walking man said...

Yeap Jean, just keep on waking up in the morning and chip the day away.

Doom said...

You are missed. It may not seem important to you but I like hearing about the good and bad. Oh, but I understand... mostly.

Your story isn't over, you know. :p If you aren't going to write about it I sure hope you enjoy it.

foam said...

It's good to hear from you though, even if it only once in a blue moon ..

Jean said...

Thanks, folks.

Seems I spoke too soon, though.
My sister got a biopsy result positive for cancer. More tests tomorrow and Monday.
Oncologist is talking about an experimental chemo drug as part of the plan.
Should know more next week.

Joe said...

re sister -- damn.

re not blogging. iam considering a long, if not permanent break. Iwonder how much I'll miss it. Once I ge tover the habit stage I think it will be fine.

Anonymous said...

Don't leave us, Jean. Even once in a while is better than never. I've never experienced a happy goodbye with a person I admire. Yes, I admire you for your stamina and caring.

Your sister is in my prayers. So are you!


Jean said...

More tests Monday, then appt with oncologist Tuesday to find out the plan.

CGHill said...

I'm thinking it's a good sign that they're already working on the plan; this is not a time when you want to see people dithering.

og said...

Keep us posted.