Friday, April 05, 2013

Haiku Monday -- BLOOM...

The subject for Monday's Haiku challenge is -

******** BLOOM (noun or verb) *********

Format should be the old, reliable 5-7-5.

Please limit the number of your submissions for
judging to two. Leave your entries in comments here.

Lastly, do not use the word bloom in your haiku.

Posting an image on your blog for illustration is welcome.

Submission deadline is midnight Monday eastern time.

I'm looking forward to reading lots and lots of haiku.

Have fun!


the walking man said...


Joe said...

A two-year old's take on Haiku Monday

the sound of fireworks
a helium filled latex
it cleans the sidewalks

It was funnier in my head.

Doom said...

I'm... thinking Jean. Gosh, only two? Don't raise that! Twas a jest.

Bloom, you say? I'm non-standard, and bloom has many meanings...


I dunno. I'm a bit too tired to laugh, but... that seems like it could be funny. I just have to place it in the right context, after quickening a bit. But I think it's there.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Jean,

I know you've been busy and out of the loop, however Fleur used the topic bloom two weeks ago.

@Doom: Sorry I missed last week. I never saw an announcement that you had posted a topic. It's generally posted in the comments string of the previous week's host.

Anonymous said...

I guess we just have to think of a different bloom this time around. She does have the rule that we can't use the actual word, so it is a little different.

Jean, since things have been erratic lately, you might want to visit a few blogs of usual participants and let them know who is hosting this week.

becca said...

congrats on your win i'll be back later with my entries

Rafael said...


Last week

My two cents:

Blushing school girl kink
Crisscrossed legs spread fleetingly


P.S. Link is drawing/photo I melded together, but may not be everyone's cup Oh tea...

Jean said...

Bloom has been used? Dayuuuuum.
Well, I have faith that it will work. Just makes it more of a challenge not to repeat (and not to use the word itself)...?

I'll bounce around to some of the other regulars and ask them to join in.

Doom said...


Apologies. I just do, and it works or not. This was my first shot at it too. Live and learn.

foam said...

Bloom has many connotations. I'll see if I can wrap my brain around something.

Doom said...

I'm up. Oh, this first one makes more sense with this YouTube video.
Blooming Idiot:

Smart as a whiplash
With the sun shining through thought,
Downed by chicken.

Love's Blossoming:

In her eyes desire.
In my arms her warmth and trust.
I wake to new life.

Michael W said...

It opens so much

The furthest part of its reach

Says hello to me.

Joe said...

dewdrops on petals
sunlight paints with golden hues
spring is upon us

AspergantuS said...


Desert Cat said...

Ok, I see we're going for unconventional meanings of bloom. Here's two I fired off quickly at Doom's blog:

Red death on water
Putrid fish bellies in air
Pollution is cause

Black-petaled stink-eye
Fragrance lofted on the breeze
Kitty, different sort.

Anonymous said...

Huh, funny I should follow Desert Cat with my choice...I was wandering about desert badlands over Easter. My visual at will explain.

Lichen Sex:

Peculiar life form.
Lichen. No pretty flower,
yet in spores genes mix.

Blooming Badlands:

Color arises,
though ground is hard, dry as bone.
Rock garden rainbow.


foam said...

This is inspired by the sleet we had a few days ago..

Crisp splatter of sleet
Soft pink blossoms shivering
I salut thee, spring..

Rafael said...

My #2:

Spring rains redemption
Cherry blossom burst; not broke
Blushes with Son's light



becca said...

my entries

scared nervous shaky
heart beats wild uncontrolled
butterfly Emerges

roses, daisy, tulips
April showers quench their thirst
spring awakens bright

og said...

An april sunday
a snow of cherry petals
where is my roundup?

Remember to be Haiku it should have a Kigo word (A seasonal reference) and a Kireji, where the first and second halves of the Haiku are in contrastto one another.

og said...

(otherwise it's called Senryu, not Haiku)

BlazngScarlet said...

Promises of you
Lies dormant in my cold heart
Love will resurrect

I'm up.

Desert Cat said...

Er, ok. Not knowing the rules doesn't help. If I may, revised accordingly:

Red death on water
Putrid fish, late summer's harvest
Pollution is cause

Black-petaled stink-eye
Fragrance lofted on spring breeze
Kitty, different sort.

Yea, sort of a dark take, but I'm fresh off writing to Doom's theme of last week...

og said...

Cat! I love that!

Jean said...

ahhhh... such a variety of talent!

Ten hours remaining. Then I'll be doing some serious pondering on all entries.

Karl said...

Good evening Jean,

My what a fine turnout. You obviously have a several friends, well versed in haiku. Reading their works is a pleasure. Perhaps you could help bring the groups together and expand the competition. Thank you for hosting.

I submit two for your approval. Best of luck all.

Springs grip released
From snow to wind and now heat
Rest now Daffodil

Evenings first splash
Crimson billows start to bloom
Old Mackey is back

foam said...

Very nice showing here, jean! I am enjoying reading the entries. I'm impressed!

foam said...

That's supposed to say ... I've enjoyed reading the entries..

Boxer said...

Hey! I just figured out who is doing Haiku Monday this week! Look at you! :-) I have 35 minutes.......

Boxer said...

Here's mine:

Murky, rainy world
tardy Spring, April showers
please bring my flowers.

Happy Haiku Monday! Glad to see you hosting. xoxo

Jean said...

What a wonderful turnout. Thank you all!
Results will be posted later today.