Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Haiku Winner...

So many entries and so many variations on the theme.
I was tempted by several so I took a break and came back
this afternoon to read again with fresh eyes and rested
brain. One stood out as the one which most framed what
had been in my head...

Color arises,
though ground is hard, dry as bone.
Rock garden rainbow.

Thank you, Serendipity!
The photo she used for illustration is beautiful, too.

Serendipity will be next week's host for Haiku Monday.

All of you who took the time to create and enter your
haiku are wonderful, talented and thoughtful.
Bless you all.


Jean said...

Well, this is embarrassing... her blog won't let me leave a comment!
Would someone please tell her she won? sheesh.

AspergantuS said...

hey... you there?

foam said...

Congrats to serendipity! Good choice..

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you Jean. I didn't think I even had a chance in this field! You did draw out some interesting permutations.

You and Doom are going to be hard acts to follow. I'll have to think up something out of my ordinary.

I'll have a theme up by Friday. Check back here, and I'll try to let y'all know too. (I'll check into that cant leave a comment thing - odd).


Jean said...

Aspergantus, I'm here, for now.

Foam, you were in the running.

Serendipity, that last line reached right out and grabbed me.

Doom said...



But about following us? Do what you do, don't worry about anyone else. I won't speak for Jean, but I hope you don't follow me too closely. :)

Urhm... hurry up already. :p

Karl said...

Good evening Jean,

Thank you for hosting, I hope it was a break and not a burden. All my best to you and your sister. Your perseverance through this trying time, has been inspirational.

To all of your friends who don't normally compete on haiku Monday's. I would suggest that they please do. And stop by serendipity, next week with their take on the subject.

Finally, Congratulations Serendipity on a well deserved win.

Anonymous said...

OK, so Doom, it is up already.

For all of you who want a head start, visit me to see what the theme is this week.



Doom said...


hehehe You know I was jesting, innit? Still, fine. I will definitely go take a gander, minus having a goose. Never le mind.

Anonymous said...

Jean! Iffn you want you can snag yourself the haiku badge that's displayed on various bloggers pages. It's a sign that you are a haiku winner :).


Jean said...

Karl, it was a pleasure to host. Perhaps it will help push me to create more.

Serendipity, I have an idea already. Read your post and will try again to leave a comment. :-)

Thanks, Foam. I'd forgotten all about the badge. xoxo