Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside...

The blizzard missed us so all is not too terribly bad.
Six inches of snow, minor wind gusts. Pretty ho-hum until
I realized I had to shovel that white stuff off the drive-way
and the front stoop and sidewalk. Sister Ann helped.
We've gone through four bags of salt, so far. I love salt.
It means less shoveling.

Those whacko weather people are already twitching over
the next wave of weather they see that might bring more snow.
Who shovels the whacko weather people's driveways?
They spend all their time on TV screaming at us.

Next Thursday is Carol's surgery. Ann and I will take her and
stay through the evening, at least.
Carol has plans to go out New Year's Eve for dinner and a movie
with some lady friends from her church. I say woo-hoo!

Before all of that, Sunday is Ann's birthday. 
I'm taking her out for dinner and maybe a movie. If'n she wants.
She probably will.

My friend Jan, in Florida, is probably wearing flannel shirts to
stay warm. It's 71 there. *sigh*


Doom said...

Uhrm, I ignore the weatherman. He is too wrong too often. Oh, your first winter home! I just have to chuckle at the look on your face when you realized what snow meant, if too I wish I could have helped. Then again I only do my snow removal when I can, myself. Still not sorry about you being back home.

I'm keeping you all in my prayers. A gaggle of sisters need it.

Sorry about not wishing you a Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, if late, though. Things are fuzzy with them boosting my meds up at a terrible pace, and recovery still, I think, from my mother's visit. I'll be sure to keep your sister especially in my prayers in the lead up.

Uhrm, and try to stay warm and dry, when the weatherman will let you. :p *snow ball*

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The weatehrman struggles to get yesterday's weather report right.

Billy Connelly said that there is no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choices.

boneman said...

I'm going with the Billy Connolly remark, though I am so ever glad that I wore the heavy plaid jacket when arriving in Florida ....
at 26 degrees F?

the walking man said...

I will sleep new years eve until 11:55 when the gunfire starts. I will curse the night and then go back to sleep.

Uhh no one shovels the weather guys driveways they have enough money for the plow to come and push it in front of their neighbors house.

Jean said...

sheesh. Another 4-5 inches of snow today. More fun with shovel and salt.

Froth said...

Happy New Year, Jean and be snow safe and best wishes for all of your family through your travails.