Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First blip...

The second series of chemo-cocktails is going well.
It's been suspended, however, because of the staph
infection in the tissue around the port.

They administered chemo treatment #2 in chemo series #2
this past Friday and then sent her to radiology to have the
port removed from her arm. Rx antibiotics for ten days.

We went back to the cancer center yesterday so she
could get the follow-up shot that's given after every treatment
(helps keep white blood cell count where it should be).
I told the nurse the port incision was still draining bloody
pus and the area around it is flaming red and hard.

That's when we found out the lab report from the culture 
named the infection as staph. Apparently no one read the report.
So, the oncologist ordered a massive dose of antibiotics to be
administered by IV and was to be monitored for an hour.
Initial Rx (keflex) to be continued 4x day at home.

Stitches are to be removed this Friday and she has a 
follow-up visit with the oncologist next Monday. If the infection
is gone they will schedule when to put in a new port, 
wait for that to heal, and get back to more chemo.

It's been a reminder that everyone involved is human/not perfect.


kdzu said...

We're all just doing the best we can.

Jean said...

I feel my sister should have been notified that the infection is staph (and needing specific drugs). No one knew the lab results until I pointed out the issue with her arm. If she hadn't been scheduled for the neulasta shot on Monday, the staph could have gotten much worse before we ended up in the ER wondering what was wrong. They dropped the ball on this.

CGHill said...

From the stories I hear, this is more the rule than the exception.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I agree with CGHill. Multiple such problems with my late husband's chemo & radiation. Honestly, I swear one time I re-enacted the screaming scene from Terms of Endearment. God bless your sister with endurance and her physicians with wisdom. Take care of yourself too.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

A difficult time - thoughts from afar...

boneman said...

well, first off, your sister is too short to use a staff.
She should stick to a cane...and YOU should buy a dictionary to learn how to spell it.
THIS is why you are there, sweetie. You did good. all the docs and nurses and even throw in a candy striper once in a while cannot cover all the bases that need covering.
Home front is a vital help in the patient's recuperation.

Well... That and if the Indians could keep winning...

lucy said...

Jean...I am making the rounds catching up. I have obviously been gone awhile and am so very sorry to hear the news of your sister. She is so fortunate to have you, a woman with great strength and a compassionate caring spirit , as her advocate.

You are both in my thoughts....

Doom said...

There are so many details, so many patients, so many various doctors... it is difficult with some conditions. I sure get angry at docs, but I know they probably are doing the best they can with what they have. It's so easy to miss one little detail, or even a huge one.