Thursday, August 30, 2012

Things change...

but still remain the same.

This is a poor excuse for a blog.
Will it get better? Dunno.

Sister is doing really well.
Her oncologist is sooooooo pleased with the 
results of the second chemo mix that she will
be scheduling more of the same, which will take
her into late September/early October.

I really should try to scrape together some haiku.
You know, just to fill some space here.
I still haven't ordered the USB cord for my camera
so I haven't bothered to take any pictures.

I'm pretty much a dud. Don't count on me for anything.
Hard to believe there are things missed from the past life.

Warm hugs and thanks to those who still check in.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Don't mind me. Just here for the hugs!

diana said...

well, i'm certainly very pleased to hear that your sister is doing so well.
I know it's not an easy situation though.
I hope you are also taking care of yourself.


Jean said...

Bunches of hugs to you, Joan!

Thanks, Diana. I need to work on that second part ;-)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Get someone handy to give you a hug on my behalf and debit my account.

Joe said...

Maybe you need something to jump start your creative juices? I put forth a Haiku challenge, knowing it will take little effort on your part to beat this pitiful offering:


not starting over
fresh eyes look at old places
dreaming is hard work

boneman said...

if you need someone, call me, I'll come running ASAP

of course, it will still just be me.

Jean said...

JCN, you make me smile. Thank you.

Joe, your efforts are never pitiful. I'll work on this and thank you for the inspiration.

I know you're there, Berry. Thank you, too. :-)

og said...

What kind of camera? Odds are good you can find the cord at any walgreens or walmart, and even my localk Dollar store is a good place, I buy phone chargers there.

There's also a place called Deal Extreme- google it- that has all that sort of stuff, very cheap. It's all chinese, but then what isn't these days?

Haiku would be nice.

Jean said...

Kodak EasyShare...I've looked at Walmart, KMart and BestBuy. Walgreen's might have it. Found it on line, just too lazy to order yet.
$24. I'll check DealExtreme first.
Thanks, Og.

boneman said...


Sounds like betting words to me...