Friday, April 13, 2012

Not much new but I'll blather a bit anyway...

Friday the 13th has always been a good day for me.

This Friday the 13th I had a long lunch and visit
with my good friend, Jan. You might remember her
from the Blue Spring visit and photos (oh, and the bear,
which has made return visits recently). I'm going to
miss her a lot when I move. The good news is that she
is from Ohio, too, and visits family there periodically
so we can still visit in person on top of keeping in touch
via phone and email. Yay!

After our visit I realized I was very close to a big-box
pet store, so I stopped in and picked up a harness and
new leash for the Sparkster. Primarily for keeping a grip
on him when we make pit stops on the drive to Ohio.
I have yet to wrestle him into the harness but that will
happen soon so we can practice walking on a leash. Yeah.
I've spoiled him by letting him have the run of the fenced
yard here all these years and have neglected leash time.
BUT...getting the harness and leash is another item I was
able to check off my things-to-do-before-moving list. Yay!

Then, I decided to stop at my auto mechanic's shop and
ask some auto mechanic type questions re: my 15 year old car.
It's had some tranny issues forever but driving in flat Florida
made those issues not much of a worry. Now, though, possibly
driving it 1000 miles north over some mountains and hills had
me very concerned. After discussion and inspection he concluded
that the drive would be very risky. An option would be to tow
the Blazer behind Berry's truck but Akron is hilly so how long
would it last anyway? I decided to sell my Blazer. Mechanic
offered to buy it. It will be enough to almost fund the move. Yay!
(Sister has a car she said we can share.)
And another item checked off the list.

I'm still tossing crap into the dumpster although not much
of that happened today because I was busy getting other things
done. I want to finish with the dumpster and have it removed
next week. Then I can start serious packing.
When Berry gets here (approximately) April 30, I'll take the
Blazer to the mechanic and get the deal done at the tag & title
office. Then, we start packing the truck and hit the road
May 1 or 2.

Still have to schedule cancelling utilities and 'net here, do a
change of address for for the post office and research
pet-friendly motels. I have a small storage unit reserved.
I'll need to change banks, get an Ohio drivers license, find
an inter net provider, get a library card so I can use their
computers in the meantime...
and so forth.

My sister is still feeling well. No side effects from chemo
treatment #1. Her second chemo treatment is next Friday.
She's scheduled for four, three weeks apart, and then surgery
sometime after chemo treatment #4. Then radiation.
Gonna be a long process but, she and all her family and
friends continue to have hope.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Trying times. Thinking of you.

Jean said...

Thank you, dear sir.

Doom said...

Hmm? I would say that is a lot. Perhaps in the excitement it doesn't feel like all that much, but... And, sure, it's just business, mostly. Good to see you figuring it all out. I like to see the little steps, gives me hope for my own as I trudge along.

Very pleased about your sister's treatment. It'll become difficult for both of you. My hopes and prayers are with you.

Jean said...

It feels good to chip away at the list and get results and answers. I was happy with the day's progress.
Thank you, Doom.

the walking man said...

You're further ahead than I would be. I would tend to just grab the dog, lock the door and split--of course the wife is much more organized than i am so I guess I'd either be in the car waiting or in the dumpster for not helping.

Best to your sister.

Jean said...

awww, I think you're funnin' with me, Mark.
(I'm still having trouble commenting at some places, yours is one. Beginning to hate blooger.)

Boxer said...

I'm impressesd with all of the progress you're making on such a huge change.. so many details.

REALLY glad to hear Berry is coming to help with the final pack up and drive. I know LaQuinta is dog friendly and has a free breakfast! :-)

You're going to Akron? I was born there.

Jean said...

Boxer - there's still so much to do, but with even a little progress I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed.

LaQuinta? cool. thanks! I also found Red Roof Inns are good. Now I have at least two options.

Yes, Akron. I think you told me your dad was an engineer for Goodyear there... and my dad was a machinist at Goodyear for 30 years. They might have known each other.
I graduated from Akron U...and my two sisters and one brother live in Akron. Other brother lives in Findlay, on the other side of the state.

p.s. Please don't think I am ignoring your move to your other blog. I'm getting the 'white page' when I try to comment. :-(

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna ping Dave. He took care of a good friend who had cancer and there was a treatment that was not so tough on the body.


Jean said...