Thursday, April 05, 2012

ixnay on the one week dumpster fill...

Good grief.

Making progress slowly.

Florida would pick this week to heat up
to the high 80s. gah.

Sorry about the lack of anything worthwhile here.
Maybe in a few days. Maybe.


boneman said...

Take pictures of the trash, babe. I'd like to see that.

Jean said...

I ain't takin' no pichurs of no damn trash.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Take your time, we'll be here.

the walking man said...

What J Cosmo said and if you could send about 10 degrees of that heat north, I'd appreciate it.

Boxer said...

don't worry about us. :-) Take some time for yourself this weekend?

Jean said...

Thank you, Mr N.

Mark, temps are dropping more than that for the next week. Hope it makes its way up to you.

Boxer, actually I took off today to visit with my best friend here, Jan.
She and her hub are in the process of preparing to move also (although still staying in FL). Today was probably the last time we'll see each other before I leave, so the day ended in tears.

Doom said...

Woman, you have the dumpster there. I have been planning just such a thing for... a year now? Still no dumpster. Just let it happen as it will. It will. If it's hot, get some shorts, a comfy top, and find a beech. Maybe have a lunch and a beer. Rinse and repeat until the temp is good and you are ready.

Hush on withering self-recriminations! Women... :)

Jean said...