Thursday, July 14, 2011

What I did on my summer unemployment...

Cabin fever hit hard yesterday so I mosied to the Boardwalk
and took some photos. (click for bigger)
This structure is the Bandshell. It was one of several WPA
projects in the area during the Depression.
It's used at least once a week for free concerts.

This is the pier... restaurant/bar. And you can fish off the end.

I wanted shrimp from Bubba Gump's but there was a huge crowd waiting to get in so I opted for a burger at
Johnny Rocket's

It's a retro diner with a very fun staff.

Juke boxes play music from
the '50s and '60s and about once an hour
the staff sings and dances to
one of the old songs.
These kids are so young that they probably
never heard any of this music before they started
working here.
The little blond on the left was my waitress and
she had some... er, difficulties... keeping up
with the other girls.
The girl on the far right had it goin' on.

Cabin fever cured, for now.


Jean said...

I forgot to mention that the song they danced to was 'Stayin' Alive' and I guess that is newer than '50s or '60s but still too old for these kids. They had fun, though.

the walking man said...

That's what we need is more burgers, old music and WPA style action!

Fred said...

Beautiful photos, Jean.

And giiiirl, if I were gonna be unemployed AND free to wander, I'm pretty sure now that that's where I'd want to be.

Jean said...

I'd vote for alla dat, Mark!

Thanks, Freddie. It helps to have free things to do, especially since they turned down my first application for unemployment money.
Digital camera=no film to buy.
Beach is close enough to not need too much gas in the car. And, at the library I got 3 paperback books for $.75.

Anonymous said...

Glad you found a cure. Do you attend the free concerts often? ever?


Jean said...

I haven't been to one in a long time, Bonnie. Might be time to fix that.

boneman said...

I still think that waitress in the middle knows you...

Susie Hemingway said...

So lovely to see your part of the world - loved the old bandstand - do they use it now? - Nothing quite like a bit of old music to stir some old memories and the change of scene, it looks nice there. I often go for a walk along the local beach - we have to keep going don't we.
Wishing you lots of good times xoxo

Jean said...

Ha!, Berry...I think she just likes having her picture taken.

Hi, Susie! Yes, they have concerts there quite often.
I am finally starting to appreciate some of the gifts of living here.
As always, I return your good wishes ten-fold, dear.

Doom said...

Glad you got out. It's difficult when money is... money? Anyway. Motivation and everything else sinks with uncertainty. Going out is a sign of hope, or something.

I know, many people think if the government put the unemployed to work, that would solve things. There is a reason that never works. There is a reason that is actually, literally, unconstitutional. FDR was forced to stop those programs on constitutional grounds. It would take a... bit of writing (not that it is complex, simply the thing needs to be fully explained). Look at China and the former U.S.S.R., or even Cuba since it is close, if you want an objective overview of the results.

Jean said...

It was a good breather, for sure, Doom. Made me remember that I am not the only resident of the world.

Michael Morse said...

Hey Jean! Finally made it here, what a summer! Looks like you are making the best of yours, I hope it is as good as it looks.

Jean said...

It's a challenge, Michael, but I'm hanging in there.