Tuesday, July 12, 2011

hard rain...

leeching through
cracks, crevices, old rot.
suffers bones
to crumble.
destroys shelter
meant to be
haven now hell.
refuge decayed
to ruin.
hard rain
wears me down.


boneman said...

just needs a coat of paint

Jean said...

I wish.

Doom said...

Now that is just spooky. Until you own, you just don't understand... the worries... the realities. Scary movies don't scare me anymore, haven't for decades. Your little poem freaks me out.

I don't know what you can do, eventually, now, whenever. But if you need a new roof, go with a "steel" one. I believe they are much less expensive, easier (cheaper) to put up, much less technical, can go over what you have possibly. I thought they would be loud, annoying, crinkly sounds too... Not so much. I love mine, it happened to be on the house I bought. Oh, and if you decide to collect rainwater, make sure the type you get is good for it. The better metal roofs are superior for water collection.

I'll add you to my prayer list. Is there any group or charity that might help you? Oh, I... hate asking too. But, seriously. Think about it.

Jean said...

Sometimes, Doom,it's just too much.
25 years, 14 alone.

kdzu said...

Dear Lord,


insert all your needs in the space above.
I know......but maybe it's not the quality of the prayer but the number of them going up. Mine is just one more.

Jean said...

Bless you, Larry.

Bou said...

Holy crap, and I was just worried for you during the winter. I completely forgot about the torrential rains of the summer...

Jean said...

Yeah, Bou, life is full of challenges. heh.