Saturday, July 09, 2011


Have you noticed that I don't post videos?
I are techtard.

However, my friends Nowhere Man and Joan deSlack
have both posted a beautiful NASA video from the
closing crew for the last shuttle flight for Atlantis.

Go see.


J Cosmo Newbery said...

That's OK. I don't watch videos as a rule so more than comfortable with you not posting any.

Doom said...

Hmm, I just learned to embed videos, m'lady. I had to dismount, take off my armor, set aside my sword, axe, spear, shield, three daggers and... spend 2 minutes, but I... made it into this part of the digital age. I am most certain you can learn it too.

Try this link: Embedding a Video from YouTube into Blogger I just learned myself, a few days ago, maybe a week ago. Good luck.

Oh, when you go to YouTube, look for the "Share" button somewhere below the video you want to embed, somewhere mid-page (for me). Click on it, look at the options. You may have to look for and click the "show more" button, then look for the blogger logo. That is what took me a minute and a half extra. *grins*

Oh, and here is a link that just taught me how to embed a link, since I just learned that now. Penny Lane - Embedding Blogger Comment Links I learned this part just for you! Though it is good to know, so... thanks!

Jean said...

Mr. Newbery, I rarely watch videos and then only short ones. They take a longgggggggg time to load on dial-up.

ah, Doom to the rescue. Thanks!
I'll be checking out the info.

Doom said...

Somehow methinks the lady didn't... care to be rescued? *laughing*

boneman said...

depends on the videos, I'm thinking.
some are easy, some not so much, but, better quality.

You gotta BS, girl!
Just BS your way through it.
What's to lose?