Friday, June 24, 2011

Too soon to panic...

I got word earlier this week that another
action was taken because of the drop in
work orders.
The remaining crew has been cut back to
a four day work week.

I'm not panicking because they had to go
through the same thing last summer.
A large portion of this company's customers
are in Europe. If you are familiar with some
of the European work customs, you know
that many businesses close for a month or
two in the summer and everyone goes on
"holiday". That, of course, affects any other
business that they deal with anywhere.

By August of last year, my employer had everyone
working full-time again and needed to hire a
few additional people. Enter myself and five others.

I believe (and am hoping) that this pattern will repeat
this year. No guarantees, of course.

I'm still looking at other jobs but there really isn't
much difference in the job market now than what it
was in 2009 and 2010. At least not in Central Florida.

Sorry if I'm boring ya'll. Even though I'm not really
wallowing in some deep emotional pit, I'm not
exactly doing a happy dance, either. Been contemplating
all my options.

In better news... I've been invited to dinner with friends
tomorrow to a new (to me) restaurant.
If I remember to take the camera, perhaps there will
be some worthwhile photos.

My brain just isn't right for creativity at the moment.


boneman said...

baby, you have fun tomorrow (today)

Tell 'em I said "hi"...
With a talent like you, panic shouldn't ever rear its head.

But as for creative...
It pays very little.
At least, to some of us.

Jean said...

Talent doesn't do much good without a market for it.
As far as creativity, I just feel better when I'm putting words together well.

Joan of Argghh! said...

We all feel better when you're putting words together well!

I'm looking at a huge change in my career. At the same job for 18 months now and watching the place fade away to be sold to another franchise or simply become a servicing office. I can feel them positioning me for the fall. I'm almost tempted to make them fire me and, for the first time in my life, I'd collect unemployment and take a real vacation. It's a fantasy, however. The J.R. doesn't have a job either.

Yee haw! Hang tough, and have fun today.

Jean said...

Crikey, Joan. It's still an epidemic.
Fingers crossed and good thoughts for you and the J.R.

Michael Morse said...

Drunk on three Corona's? If only, I'd be a millionaire!

Hope the job works out, Europe is a funny place, too bad we couldn't take a month or two off with pay every now and then.

Froth said...

Good wishes from here. I'm always feeling lucky that I have a job. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could be like those people who contemplate retiring at some definable date?
I love me a good hallucination.

Anonymous said...

:-) 4 U

Doom said...

No need to panic perhaps, but you can be grumpy as you like! You know, if you are going to give everyone a month off a year... perhaps you could give employees a bit of variety in the month they take off over the several months of spring, summer, and fall so businesses don't close, especially in this world wide economy. Damned provincials!

Jean said...

Michael, I don't drink much any more. Cheap date, that's me.

Kim, we share hallucinations!

Back atcha, Marky-Mark.

Doom, that makes some sense...which could be why it isn't done that way.