Sunday, June 19, 2011

fitting and proper...

Appropriately enough, we were surrounded
by black clouds all weekend.

Except for the mornings, there was almost constant rain, thunder and lightning.

Even tornado warnings.

I chose to stay inside all weekend.
Picked up a six-pack of Corona on my way
to the motel Friday. Drank three. Got drunk.
Saturday, got drunk on the remaining three
and had pizza delivered.

My toes never touched sand.
Took over one hundred photos from the balcony.

I'm better now. Life goes on.


Boxer said...


foam said...

wow! dramatic looking clouds...
i'm glad to hear you feel better.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Aw, I miss FL so much I would be happy for a weekend like that, just to see the sand and ocean.

boneman said...

I promise to always carry a small bag of sand around...
just for your feet, m'dear.

Jean said...

Boxer - time for Plan B.

Foam - the weekend was spent in shock (and a bit of brew). I think it was just what I needed to clear my head.

Joan - I really can't imagine anyone missing life in Florida. Vacation, yes. 365, no. Not unless one has a secure income that is not dependent on the sucky job market here.

Berry - there's actually sand in my yard, remember? d;-)

Joan of Argghh! said...

Well, now you know why I'm in SC. I'm not independently wealthy enough to live in Florida.

It's even more expensive to live in Charleston, but at least there are some jobs. So we rent a serviceable old home in a dodgy 'hood and try to make little openings of joy where we can. With the J.R. unemployed again, and my job likely ending soon, it's not looking like the boat will be around much longer.

Eh? Some of those tents at Wal-Mart are like small hotels nowadays, complete with electric outlets and closets!

Jean said...

Joan, I'm sorry. You and I are the kind that do what we have to.
"Eat it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."
I got laid off Friday.
Like I said to Boxer... time for plan B. Although, I may have lost count. Could be Plan C or D or E...

kdzu said...

That's what I love, a girl whose a cheap drunk. Sea, Sand, Salt air and air conditioning to enjoy looking at it from.......what's not to like.
With a 36 pack we could last nearly a month.......well, almost 2 weeks anyway, since I don't drink and only need a baloney sandwich and some Cheetos once in a while.
Srsly......glad you got out for the weekend. Nothing like watching the waves, wind and lightning to help put things in perspective.
Tasking the Angel Force to put their best commandos on duty at your home base.

Jean said...

ha...Larry, the only reason I am a cheap drunk now is because I've learned to stop when the buzz begins. Years ago, not so much.
Receiving kind words and wishes from dear friends like you is more of a comfort than the beer, in the long run.