Thursday, March 17, 2011


don't want
from anyone

breathe your own air.
leave mine alone.

(this is where my brain goes when I am
awakened three times during the night with leg cramps.
it hurts and it makes me grouchy.)


Froth said...

May a unicorn drop a cloud on your knee while you nap. This may be a duplicate. In which case I shall issue a stern warning to the unicorns who vetted this post.

Bou said...

Hmm. How is your potassium intake?

Are you drinking more water than normal? That might be wonking out your vitamin/mineral balances. Splurge and buy a bottle of that Smart water stuff for two days in a row and see if that helps. (let me know...)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

We care!

Doom said...

Tired, hungry, thirsty, sore, horny, and a few others, and... *BAM* Grumpy. Let's just say I am often grumpy. I hope your reason gets better soon. :p

foam said...

ouch! poor baby ..

kdzu said...

Find someone rich, suave (pronounced Swa Vey) handsome and rich, and have them order up a Norwegian Masseuse to tend to those gams when they knot up at night. Of course you might want to think of cutting back on some of the more extreme positions during your nocturnal hours. Either that or eat more bananas.

Jean said...

Went to the health food store and got a mix of minerals to take.
Will see if that helps. Potassium doesn't do it.
My job is sedentary, also makes my ankles swell. If I lost weight, that would help, no doubt. So, that is on the agenda also.

Doom said...

I wonder if you are retaining water? A water pill might help with the legs and with weight loss... a bit. I have cramps from time to time, being rather sedate. I have not figured out why it shows up for a few days or weeks and then goes away. If your ankles are swelling, a water pill is something to think about.

But if you figure out the cramps, let me know. Those are... most uncomfortable, as you well know. And I would guess we have similar sources. Just... make a haiku (spelling?) about it, but one that even I can plainly understand!